Shell MegaPack ActiveX

by LogicNP Software

With this, Windows Explorer has a folder browser at its disposal.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LogicNP Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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simulating some of the key Windows Explorer functions control over write-off документов\папок, control over logical disk selection, display of Thumbnail/Details/GroupView styles, drag&drop (drag&drop), display of icons, context menu management, virtual elements, useful tips and everything else.

Shell MegaPack ActiveX is a program that will help you to integrate explorer into your software, as well as to select and configure Windows Explorer features.

Powerful functionality and the ability to configure all the parameters makes this program more convenient than standard Windows Explorer. Shell MegaPack ActiveX has a lot of additional functions, such as filtering of these elements, the ability to select or deselect an element with the help of the check box, the ability to customize columns and context menu, support dragdrop (drag and drop), visual display of names, icons, useful tips.

The program also includes ShellObjects - a set of controls that provides various useful features that can be added to your program, including the ability to display multiple pop-up windows MSN / Office2003, animated icons and the ability to create and recognize hotkeys.

- Creates Quick Launch-like appbars with autohide support (automatic ability to hide items).

- Powerful Wizard Control, which makes it possible to quickly create Wizard UIs during the development process.

- Component that changes the size of the element window with the function of automatic change, both the size and expansion of the window.

- The program is able to display many pop-up notification windows, as in MSN and Office2003.

- The program displays animated icons in the taskbar.

- Creates and displays Windows Vista TaskDialogs.

- Supports hotkeys.

- The program notifies you when the system goes to sleep for a certain period of time and exits from sleep mode.

Shell MegaPack Active X seems to be helpful in getting users to take advantage of all the features of Windows Explorer. It is possible that it is a bit dated now since it mentions use of Office 2003 and MSN.
The software sounds user friendly since it allows individuals to integrates aspects of Explorer in one place. According to the description it sounds as if you are able to integrate it with older versions of explorer which could be helpful.
Shell MegaPack ActiveX brings total Windows Explorer-like file & folder browser UI functionality to your forms and dialogs in just a couple of seconds
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