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SharpDevelop is a discontinued free and open source integrated development environment for the .NET Framework, Mono, Gtk# and Glade# platforms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IC#SharpCode

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SharpDevelop is a development environment (IDE) for the .NET platform. SharpDevelop is an open and freely distributed software that allows you to create applications in C#, VB.WPF, ASP, and Raster are all supported by the code.You can easily incorporate and edit components of the NET Framework as well as make use of the SharpDevelop compiler for refactoring.There are only a few projects and much more. The software runs on flash drives and can be launched with just one mouse button, comes with full Microsoft Windows Server support, includes a Debugger integrated with MSBuild, and numerous other features that increase code debugging and programming efficiency. Asparteware, HTML, ASP, and C# are highlightable by SharpDevelop.NET, VBScript, VB.You can export bookmarks and codes based on the NET and XML syntax.

- A supported version of C# and VB for use on Windows.Ruby, F#, and Alpha; and B is also an available, F#, IronPython, etc.

- the syntax highlighting.

Maybe I can use this product in some way. This program incorporates various languages rather than having to deal with just one. However, depending on your specific project's capabilities, a built-in debugger can be even helpful.
I love this product and I am pleased with it. The product is better than others in comparison. It works well. Having the ability to highlight websites and use bookmarks and code templates is a major advantage to this product.
In development environment environments (IDE), we develop environments using various graphical elements.has a portable edition, can be read from a portable flash drive, includes an integrated debugger as well as a whole host of other tools needed to simplify the user experience.
With SharpDevelop, you can create your own programs, compile them from all kinds of programming languages in C# completely.
Open source SharpDevelop IDE for is used by many large companies.It was a personal decision by me to get on the NET platform.ASP is one example of an application we can write.It performs really well from a NET, C# or RGB programmimg point. We recommend every developer try it out first. I loved it.
A Python fan will be able to use these software easily. You can check it out if you're into code. In spite of the discontinuation, I continue to utilize this software. An award goes to the team for their hard work on this project.
I tend to use most of the programming language, when I am unable to work with languages.Net. C and C++, visual basic, I really appreciate this computer program that improves my ability to understand and utilize all aspects of programming languages. Thanks to the creator for this massive project, the program has never felt like a waste of time so it is recommended for the students or adults
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