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Allows for screen capture for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ShareX Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ShareX is a multifunctional program designed to create high quality screenshots of the screen and record screenshots of screenshots (video of what is happening on the screen with audio).

As you screen capture, your entire screen, as well as an active window, will be captured, either automatically or randomly. In addition, there's a option to set the screenshots' dimensions to fit an area within the screen in case it doesn't fit. You can take a screenshot of virtually any website using this feature. hotkeys, which allow you to control what happens when the screen capture tools are accessed directly, are available so you can take quick action. In addition, ShareX has a photo editor in its arsenal, which allows you to eliminate various defects in the images, apply special effects, add text and graphics (frames, lines, numbers, arrows) in the image, as well as to apply watermarks.

Also a major benefit of ShareX is the option to create screencasts -- this way you can keep track of things on social media.A computer screen is used to make videos. Recording is supported for both audio and all screen recording, including those at the selected areas. There are also several extra features and settings for users to choose from. The ability to add effects and graphics, set the quality of the tape clip recorded, identify the format for saving it all and so forth. Creating animated GIF is an exciting must pre-enter files for such purposes.Using a specialized tool in this tool, record a small bit of video with actions on the screen so that you can use it when recording. A ShareX video or photo is uploaded via FTP to the server, as is a OneDrive photo. There are many social networks and aggregators including Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, etc.

A convenient Russified interface provides access to all of the tool categories on the right tabs of the application's main menu, thereby streamlining process. Moreover, the program is fully free.

ShareX (1.24 MB)
ShareX (1.43 MB)
ShareX 10.8.0 (4.46 MB)
ShareX 10.9.1 (4.48 MB)
ShareX 11.0.1 (4.53 MB)
ShareX 11.2.1 (4.57 MB)
ShareX 11.4.1 (4.57 MB)
ShareX 11.5.0 (4.61 MB)
ShareX 11.7.0 (4.42 MB)
ShareX 11.8.0 (4.79 MB)
ShareX 11.9.1 (4.85 MB)
ShareX 12.3.1 (5.34 MB)
ShareX 13.0.0 (5.36 MB)
ShareX 13.1.0 (7.12 MB)
In today's world, you can share images, videos and edit them through this app. It is necessary to make these functions for videos that are toted on, games, university classrooms, offices, etc. The product is easy to use and simple to understand.
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