by Lenovo

Sharing files between devices using lightning-fast file delivery is easy to use.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lenovo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SHAREit is a program designed to make file exchange between portable and stationary devices as simple and fast as possible. uses the Internet to transmits traffic.You can connect your device to the Internet via Bluetooth without wires. the following steps are very easy: Click Connect devices to access point, proceed to search for necessary devices, select them from the table and drag the necessary files via checkbox -.up workspace. The original receipt on your original device means this transfer rate is still excellent. Just confirm the receipt and enjoy this transfer rate once and for all. Thus, SHAREit allows you to transfer files ranging in size from a few kilobytes to 100 gigabytes. Transferring data to a specific folder can be made easy.

Moreover, you can feel safe that files are being securely transferred as a result of the ease of transfer provided by the application. Using this utility makes it safe for your portable and stationary device to stay virus-free. While the program does still consider your devices to be virus-free, they may still be at risk due to the lack of clarity.Guests are unable to invite friends to their event. Share SHAREit will come with a link, e-book, or on the website itself.QR code scans are a great way to make friends with someone you care about.

- Wireless file transfer is possible over Wi-Fi!Fi network;

- The wireless access point's system identifies all devices linked to it; no user interaction is required.

- Android, iOS and Windows Phone are the platforms the clients run across.

- This transmission provides very high speed, high safety, and high bandwidth.

- With this background functionality, you can minimize the volume of notifications that the device appears in.

With Shareit, the files I saved to my computer easily got copied to another computer. By using SHAREit you can upload images and documents of any size to share with other users. As well as virus protection, SHAREit has added many other features. With it, I was also able to transfer large files between two computers.
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