Session Manager

by Michael Kraft

Microsoft Windows NT 3 includes this component of the Microsoft Windows NT operating system family.1

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Michael Kraft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Session Manager - This page describes how Mozilla Firefox can keep "sessions" of users. The sessions in the browser allow you to open pages, change settings and access add-ons all from one single session window. work smoothly with it easily-in-use. Upon installation, you just need to select "save session" from the context menu on the control panel. Recovery follows an identical procedure.

Thanks to Session Manager you can suspend work with a browser then open it and start "from the same place". "Newly Closed Pages" is, in general, an item in Google Chrome that is implemented using this add-on. As it provides you with a rich selection of add-on options, it makes using the fire fox much simpler, especially considering how flexible and easy it is to use it.

- Mozilla and SeaMonkey are also supported;

- In this session, you can save it on your computer in just one click.

- The submenu can be opened if it selects the closed tab list.

- offers a minimalist interface and plenty of configurations.

Users of Windows can load images or sessions of their current state using the session manager added to their browser. They simply have to click "save session" and the whole process will start over again.
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