by Shark-Media

Universal program for automating the service center (workshop) and / or shop

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shark-Media

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ServiceMY is a universal program that allows you to automate a service center or shop. Has a simple, intuitive and friendly interface, which is easy to understand.

ServiceMY uses the database on mySQL server for its work. By directly accessing the database created by the program, you create it immediately. You can work remotely or locally.

- Workshops: Typical tasks: accepting orders/repairing/delivering, scanning/returning reports, writing refusal slips and warranties/debt for craftsmen, etc. Parts: arrival/use/exchange/order/write-off/return/report, etc;

- Used: You may order, purchase or sell tangible products, get assurance, analyze reports, find your data in a database, or archived results.

- Shop: It takes time to arrive/to return, to prepare returns, to compare price and labels, to track reports, to see in progress, etc.

- Microsoft Office documents can be accessed via print or email; Excel, the converter, etc.

- directories: Pattern of most faults, long-term customers / blacklists, IIMEI models / suppliers, etc;

- This tool allows for automatic identification of equipment brands by serial numbers.

- From the receipt and pricing lists we can provide barcode support.

- With one comprehensive database, you can accomplish unlimited number of points; •);

- Duplicates can be replaced with the version with their unique ID;;

- Coordinates of users' actions on the system's control system control by users and priorities;

- import/export from/to Excel. (export to HTML);

- database editor: Notes, Planner, Chartservice;

- Backup and restore of databases automatically. SQL-file;

- differentiation; establishing access cation with the possibility of setting privileges;

- charting;

- both at home and at work (as in MySQL you need a database on the server s work both in the local network and via the Internet (the database on the MySQL server is required);

There are many other options as well.

Whenever I shop, I need something like ServiceMY, but I never knew it existed until recently. This makes it less challenging for you to repeat those types of tasks. With only one click I get access to a lot of my regular shopping tasks.
This product is definitely suitable for my print demands if there are a lot of ink refills I have to purchase. Many outlets do not offer ink refills in any convenient way. If a print from an original ink can be smudged or not very clear, the ink needs to be taken out. It sounds like there's a solution to this issue, based on this product.
The ServiceMy program allows businesses to simulate operations. In general, you can use the automated process if you already have the program installed. You can install ServiceMy on Windows OS in just a few minutes. ServiceMy runs great on Windows and is safe. This tool suits the needs of many people in their businesses. As a result, it is widely used over time. A recent announcement introduced the new program to users.
The ServiceMY program for Windows lets one automate service operations and maintenance by means of the Internet. On its website, the software is available for free, and its easy-to-use interface assists the user in making sure the software works well for them. As a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system, it supports windows 7, 10, 11 and 12. Software updates can also be performed once a new version is released.
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