by RhinoSoft

Serv-U FTP is a simple, affordable, easy-to-use FTP server software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RhinoSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Serv-U is a powerful and easy to use FTP server. Serv-U is not only 100% compatible with modern FTP standards, but also provides several unique options, making it an ideal solution for file transfer and management.

Serv-In addition to its open architecture, Ubuntu is able to handle server behavior via external DLL libraries, extend, monitor, and track usage. With Serv-Files and directories can be set up as permissions, IP addresses can't be accessed, and real-time activity can be tracked. Log any commands made by users.

- support for NT-Active Directory based SAM accounts; blic Directory based accounts;

- ODBC database support;

- With this feature you can check to find out for yourself whose downloading file you have been on; s, this function allows you to check the downloaded file for identity with the original file;

- Scaling up from one channel to two; synchronized data transmissions on more than one; automated communication among channels); data encryption on networks.

- SSL Control. It is possible to require SSL links with certain users if security is guaranteed over data transfers.

- A server that is faster than it should be. Serv-The server is faster thanks to faster code and a greater amount of work done by U developers.

serve-Commomly is used for Windows.Users have a way to share data on a local or online file server, called a server virtual machine.Providing the server administrator with a comprehensive set of tools is an advantage that is offered by the program.
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