Serial to Ethernet Connector

by Eltima Software

By using the connector program, a user can use a virtual serial port between one network and another.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eltima Software

Release: Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0.609

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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programs that provide the ability to connect devices over a particular network at no additional charge. If you're looking to work over a network and have access to multiple virtual ports from your servers, this is your solution. The user experience is effortless, there is an elegant interface and it can be personalized to meet the users' needs. You don't get compatibility issues since it works with several different networking types and comes from a variety of platforms as well. The use of virtual serial ports can be used by both devices and Ethernet is also supported. Any other location can be accessed remotely using the app. Users can easily connect to multiple serial port utilities using this software program. Remote access takes place when it is connected to networks. This is essentially turning your network into a virtual serial device on your own PC, so it can be easily done. Using an alternative program to perform these advanced functions is inefficient, therefore the program's user ratings indicate a very strong status. As this software product addresses everything you need for a high-speed network, it is well designed and highly complex to use. Nonetheless, getting started with the program is easy with an elegant and simple interface. Devices allow data to be sent and returned from their serial units. Because of the power of this technology, devices are transformed in a very useful manner. The program, as it's invaluable for those seeking to perfect their network environment, should be thoroughly reviewed by users.

Allows users to work over a network to allow such functions as remote access and multiple serial port utilities

  • Use the virtual serial port
  • Compatible with various connection types
  • Works across all platforms
  • Turns the device into a virtual serial device
  • Advanced functions with a simple interface
My laptop does not have an onboard Serial port, which has prevented me from finding an appropriate connector for a long time. But the new connectors provided a great working connection regardless of weak broadband. Would definitely recommend. This issue can however be avoided using laptops and computers equipped with a Serial port, if possible, due to their cost.
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