Serial Port Monitor

by Eltima Software

Software that monitors the connections to and from your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eltima Software

Release: Serial Port Monitor 7.0.342

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Serial port monitors are special pieces of software which analyze how your computer makes connections. Several COM ports on computers often allow for a computer to connect directly with a variety of devices, like monitors and keyboards, and it can do this by accepting and receiving incoming and outgoing communication. This external communication can be hazardous to computers due to unsecured COM ports that may allow for Phishing. serial port monitor record all information sent to and received from your computer, so you can detect packet sniffing attacks prior to them taking place. Serial port attacks like these are fairly common. Many do not learn until too late the importance of securing them before they occur. Access to your precious information while connecting to the open COM port allows hackers to gain access to your laptop in an airport or a hotel. Since serial data monitors can ensure that any private information you wish to disclose is secure and not read by any nefarious third parties, these devices can give you peace of mind.

Similarly, sensitive data must be protected on computer servers that host it due to the number of people who access them on the network. A serial port monitor, therefore, can enable a webmaster to keep track of all connections between the server and the client and send and receive data from the server. This may help them to detect foreign intrusions, if they have one. In addition to troubleshooting a server failure, this software is also beneficial when employees connect to their secure servers. If there are any problems with serial port 3 or 4, a system administrator may need to utilize a serial port monitor.

It is also known that hackers are scanning the internet for open ports and exploiting them for a variety of nefarious purposes. As an example, you can monitor unsecured webcams that are closed.It has been found that posting these ports on the web forum will bring more viewers to the cameras, enabling them to see what the cameras do. In other words, unsecured ports are also used by botnets to create vast networks of networks, distributing requests to websites via which websites are overwhelmed and a distributed distributed denial-of-service occurs.of-service attack. In one instance, the biggest such attack took down many major web sites for a short time when the DNS server was compromised. In general, unsecured ports can be dangerous places to share personal data, not just to the computer's owner.

Additionally, monitoring the serial port of a computer can be extremely beneficial in diagnosing issues and managing security threats.

Analyzes all connections coming to and from your computer's COM ports

  • COM port monitoring and recording
  • Packet analysis
  • Multiple formats to view captured data
  • Added privacy and security
Serial Port Monitor for Windows allows me to keep an eye on the data traveling through the serial port on my PC. In addition to keeping track of the data, I can even record it, which is an extremely handy device. Tests and development will no longer be affected; it can also run troubleshooting scenarios.
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