by WebMinds, INC.

File encryption software to safeguard your data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WebMinds, INC.

Release: SensiGuard 3.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SensiGuard software is the best way to safeguard your confidential data. Utilize a protective device to safeguard documents, pictures, and personal information. SensiGuard provides a secure file and folder encryption. No matter how many transactions you conduct with your bank or credit card, tax returns, documents, emails, and photos are protected, you'll be protected from identity theft and fraud.

It is easy to use, fast, and works with almost any laptop or desktop operating system. It protects file and folder settings from viruses and malicious software. It is user-The app is quite simple to use but is very friendly. It is free and does not require any skill. When you install a copy of SensiGuard, it sets your master password as well as three challenge questions, which give your program its ability to assist.

Folders are typically required to hide files in encryption software, so reorganizing your files and making it harder to locate them takes a lot of effort. SensiGuard is different. All you need to do is select the folder or file, and SensiGuard does the rest.

It uses the same 256-It has been used by governments, the military, and banks for a long time, but it is much easier on users. In addition to this, it has a shredder and an osn't have a file shredder and a password strength meter. Files can be compressed and passwords protected in addition to encryption. The storage of your files can be online, via flash drives or CD/DVDs or emailed.

You can protect your personal information and data with SensiGuard now.

provides robust file and folder encryption on your computer as well as your flash drives

  • advance encryption
  • immediate file and folder locking
  • use everywhere: home and office
  • use on desktops, laptops and flash drives
  • identity fraud protection
This software makes protecting your photos very easy, and it makes sure that any folder in your computer is locked securely, which is quite easy for others to hide personal details.
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