Security Task Manager

by Neuber Software

A windows virus and application manager

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Neuber Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Security Task Manager Potentially malicious processes are identified through an application that analyzes running processes. Potential hazard ratings (from 0 to 100) are calculated based on the number of attempts that each process makes. It has been rated high by community feedback. VirusTotal's service also contains data about which processes have a positive reaction to each antivirus software, as well as the number of such reactions. You are able to run this program and monitor how the computer is performing, in order to identify what ad campaign is displayed, how you are mining bitcoin in the background, what information the user sends to third parties, manage the computer remotely and perform other "unpleasant" tasks. The Security Task Manager is especially active in responding to processes without signatures and those that use too many system resources.

Among the other things the program can check is the presence of running antiviruses, saved cookie files which are potentially linked to tracking, etc. Security Task Manager consists of a list of tasks, and a window to view them. Each of these certificates will be reviewed on the panel before they are presented to explain their qualifications and why they are needed. Double-Your name and comment will appear in a window when you click. On top of its own rating, the application provides other safety guarantees. For example, more reliable programs of this kind may be recommended in the event a low rating is reached.

- identifies all processes running through the system; assigns potential risks to those processes.

- The program allows you to search for files on VirusTotal;;

- A text file can be accessed with the provided data;

- Describes the level of system security;

- You can add your own comments to processes from this tool.

This is a great idea, so I applaud it. Security issues and advances will be handled more effectively this way. Also, it will alert authorities if a hacker is about to launch an assault. It seems to be working very well for me.
Potentially malicious processes are identified through an application that analyzes running processes. In this program, we can verify whether the data is dangerous or risky, if it can cause problems or crash some of the programs in our computer.
With Security Task Manager, you can detect and remove viruses and Trojans, which can hide under known Windows processes, causing computer stability issues and possibly damage.
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