by DeskSoft

You will be able to scroll more efficiently and save on time with these software programs.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DeskSoft

Release: ScrollNavigator 5.10.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ScrollNavigator for Windows is software that can increase your productivity in scrolling through documents and save you precious time. No more slow scrolling at a crawl or having to hang your mouse arrow over the scroll bars. Multiple windows all contain directions at the same time, so that you can scroll from location to location. Having the ability to scroll wherever and however you wish is an advantage in a work environment.

Instead of scrolling through an endless amount of pages forever, ScrollNavigator can help you breeze through long documents just by turning your mouse wheel a little faster. You can also make your scroll a lot more accurate due to this software, since your mouse will be much more responsive. If you increase your speed, you can quickly determine that you can shorten the period of time you spend with your computer versus working long hours. A saving of time isn't just good for productivity. Additionally, it is better to spend less time in front of a screen or in a chair that have no screens.

You might find it more convenient if you have a media library containing some vast collections of material like books, movies, music, and TV shows to browse. A little extra time may even allow you to rediscover some old favorites.

Your computer is likely not capable of properly interacting with ScrollNavigator until it learns how to use the tool.

Easy multi-What a great idea! With great direction scrolling speed!

  • High-performance Dynamic Acceleration that allows high speed.With it, you won't have to worry about dragging down the mouse.
  • Scrolling simultaneously up and down as well as sideways.
  • Scrolling can be done anywhere on a page rather than relying on a scroll bar.
  • If your preferences are more or less certain, you can customize the software.
  • If you press "Ctrl", the scrolling feature can be temporarily halted.
I have a lot of documents. I needed help. Needed ScrollNavigator for Windows! Using an organizing system that allows you to scroll horizontally and incrementally through documents helps you keep track of document dimensions and measurements. Trust me: the ScrollNavigator makes using the ScrollNavigator programs more efficient, enjoyable, and powerful. Come discover it today for yourself.
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