On-screen grabbing software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KAEMSOFT

Release: Screeny 4.4.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Screeny is quite different than all other on-Software designed to screen grab. A great memory should be taken while screenshotping images, videos, or other info, but the user needs to keep a copy of that info for sentimental purposes as they can always grab a pic of their picture later to appreciate and enjoy. This screenshot is being taken with other applications and software. Still, Screeny stands above them all with various exceptional functional abilities that other applications and software can not do or make available for the computer user.

The free screenshot software that is known as Screeny is available for computers. The screenshot editing software has a multitude of user tools for customizing and designing it, or creating whatever the user feels they can in the future. With screenshot tools such as snipping tool or print screen, however, you cannot get as many features of Screeny. In fact, Screeny can record video in nearly all types of frames faster than any other software in this category. It can preserve even the sound quality in cases of excessive frame rate recording; no other application could possibly come close to its quality when recording videos. Using this application can easily be accomplished, since it comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

It's always easy to customize or design quickly without losing any screenshot, and since they're automatically saved the user does not need to worry. Screenshots can also be saved in other formats according to the user's preference. There are a number of png or jpeg screenshots. However, Screeny also enables the save the screenshots as PDF files. This is very useful for users wanting to document and archive their knowledge of PDF files.

By automatically saving the screenshots, users can proceed and open them with other tools to work on them more, which would allow them to customize the screenshots with adobe photoshop applications. So also Screeny makes it possible to be able to get the screenshots to other windows application like Microsoft word, –£xcel or even to be used in a slide with Microsoft presentation, so Screeny comes in handy in able to work with various applications which can make working with it with no issue.

Other functions like border effects and watermarks are also included in the tools in working with Screeny

If you're looking for a way to grab the contents of your screen and save them down, then check out Screeny for Windows. Using Screeny, you can either snap a screenshot or take a video. You can also customize what Screeny captures, since you can choose whether Screeny has access to just a small portion of your computer screen, a single window or the entire screen.
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