Create custom pictures on your screen by drawing them.

Operating system: Windows

Release: ScreenMarker

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Creativity and functionality are easily accessible through it. Perhaps this program will serve a certain purpose in presentations where the presenter wants to display information about something on the screen.

  • Allows you to write and draw freely on the screen
  • Being able to freely draw "shapes like straight lines, rectangles, triangles, stars and more" like this makes showing off basic graphs a lot easier (like in statistics or mathematics courses)
  • Free use of multiple different colors for ease of clarity during the presentation (and also quickly erases for the next slide).
  • In this case, it does not need to be installed to your hard drive, it can be installed to the pen drive so it is also considered a mobile solution.
  • When it's mobile application it's even better for teachers who use locked-down computers in school. The software can enhance classroom teaching, as can a student's presentation, as can a tax policy to save office workers money from preparing it during the year.

We appreciate the approach you made to this situation.It isn't really that expensive and it comes with the ability for the user to draw whatever he wants it to mean - either verbally or physically. I have personally seen a software like this used in classes before and it is essential to any classroom looking to replace the chalk/whiteboard. Since this software doesn't have to be installed to the hard drive, it then becomes extremely portable so you can take this program along wherever you bring your presentation to, which means you're not locked down to one particular workstation which would be extremely useful for any student looking to borrow a professor/teacher's computer for a class presentation or for a working employee needing to borrow the projector during a business meeting. I find that this software is most appealing for its portability to be quite simple. Among the numerous programs offered, we have some that let us draw while connected to the screen, but the fact that this can be run on any laptop and used with just a flash drive does have a major competitive advantage.

Zainab Guizani
This screenmarker was really good as a mini-displayer.program. My pen allows me to write on the screen while my memos are put into MemoPads. I also have the option of drawing on the screen in this app. On the other hand, when I was studying at college, I was able to make notes easily for class sessions so I could contribute more. Multiple colors gave me peace of mind that the notes would work well on whatever subject I was concerned about. Now smartphones make it less hard to access. This is a great program, but I forget some important information very easily.
The Screen Marker is a great tool to utilize when drawing with a computer instead of pen and paper. Whether it is presented electronically or by paper, it creates a professional effect, allowing the user to draw on a desktop or over a large window. During a session, the user can change how he or she plays around with screen markers by tapping on them or enabling or disabling them.
For adding graphics on screen, ScreenMarker is incredibly useful. Easy to use and a marker software, it helps you distinguish using using this tool is difficult without a reliable alternative. As well as allowing you to annotate with it or save your annotations, it lets you do that on your screen. Editing text and other details becomes easier with this program.
Owen Voss
The Screen Marker program allows the user to write or draw on the screen of a computer. There is no need to wait until the shapes, lines, color depth and size are set into the program before designing these. If you tap the erase button, the screen is cleared immediately. There is no need to install it so you can use it on a thumb drive or a micro SD card.
This Windows program allows users to draw and write on screen on the fly. On a computer, ScreenMarker automatically comes online as soon as you launch it. A screen will appear on your desktop and the option for free lines, full rectangles, Ellipse, Clear, or twenty options may apply.With this free tool, you have eight available colors and five options for the width of the line to draw, and it lets you select the shape, color, and width you want to work with and write for in your desktop in the same way in that application usually does it...
The ScreenMarker allows any screen on an Internet computer to be drawn on. You can draw and do anything with it, too. Similar to an illustration program, it's just a cursor control. It appears to be very small inside of your general computer system. Considering this, it would be extremely useful to organize it with apps such as Zoom that support meetings.
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