by Screenleap

A screen sharing solution that works for everyone instantly

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Screenleap

Release: Screenleap 10.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Thanks to Screen Leap, sharing a desktop quickly and easily doesn't require complicated technology or heavy-handed knowledge. Businesses and individuals alike will find this website useful. An Internet connection makes it possible to share data instantly with others and collaborate.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple connection process.
  • A fresh installation is easy to create and requires little download time.

By using this software solution, businesses will be able to achieve greater productivity at a reduced cost for sharing and communicating. You can access and work on your desktop anywhere in the world, as well as share information with others. you or someone else whose issue is affecting their technical performance can be accessed and shared by your technical department. A wide range of devices can be connected to the Internet, so it doesn't require any installation. It would be like attending a meeting while wearing a smartphone near your computer on a beach in the Bahamas and seeing what was actually going on in details and being able to meet work goals while in office with no sign of being attached to the device. Your company could benefit more than it should from this screen sharing resource. This helps you get a fuller sense of your team's activities. It also allows you to share ideas, to monitor progress throughout the day and to contribute suggestions and desires regarding the direction of your team. An excellent service with little or no installation cost. With your own email address, you can sign up and message others without signing up for others' accounts. It is seamless to share with others. Basically, I think it could help any company that wants a way to become more productive and reduce its expenses. The advantage of using this service is that no one else can see you in your phone, and you can get input or approve anything quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. In addition, old-fashioned sharing by email can lead to misunderstandings. I would be delighted to recommend this service to anyone who knows how valuable screensharing can be.

There are many benefits to using It, such as its easy to learn.
Ricky Brown
Screenleap is awesome! I had a quick setup and it was easy to learn as well. When I had com-in with my family almost immediately after down loading it. People needing to show someone their desktop can benefit from it. Great product.
The Screenleap system makes it easy to share your screen with others. I use this with people I don't know, but can easily reach, and for businesses I work on as well. This program is self-explanatory, so you don't have to spend a lot of time explaining how to use it to others. Even those with no previous computer experience can use it.
In our opinion, screen sharing is redundant because there are so many products already on the market. The platform doesn't really stand out because of anything it does differently from its competitors.
With so many different offices at my workplace, collaborative work is super easy. It is common for us to ask for some process or Excel formula as this means we're going to spend a lot of time on that. Set-was simple for everyone to comprehend. In the past, any new technology at work can lead to increasing pain, but these procedures were no problem. A Screenleap is essential for projects where your teammates or coworkers are involved.
Muhammad Coley
Even though we are always travelling for work, we can often put our presentations on Skype and other softwares through the Internet. Having this feature has allowed me to share presentations, and at one point I was sharing to more than 780 people with no problems. It works great if you are alone and need help with something on your computer.
The screen leap can allow you to share some online consultations, and you can share our camera to do it using just a browser rather than through a phone call. It's useful when you're arranging online meetings.
Several platforms may be supported by screenleap software. Utilizing this feature, you are able to share your computer screen's contents. It is straight-Users with minimal or no computer skills will find it easy to use. Using step-by-step instructions, the download is quick and easy. When you select who to share your computer screen with, you will be able to see the file quickly. This should be a simple operation. If you are able to read instructions, then the process should work perfectly.
In light of the recent pandemic, it would be truly awesome to share a screen during a presentation, especially since virtually all of us have gone through virtual meetings. Through Screenleap, it is now even easier to accomplish that goal. it is amazing. Thank you later for taking the time to try it.
As well as providing excellent functionality for mobile workers, Screenleap on Windows includes several special features for businesses as well. As well, we can run most major software, such as Windows 7,8 and 10, and be compatibility-tested. Furthermore, installation is simple and quick.
Sharing your desktop screen through this program is very easy and effective. For those who want to share their desktop directly from the notification area of their taskbar, this tool is ideal. A must-have application.
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