Screen Translator

by Gres

This software allows you to translate any text on screen

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gres

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Screen Translator is an application that serves to translate the text highlighted on the screen. In order to truly translate the words selected by the "carriage", rather than just those listed in text inscriptions on web pages used in graphic images and menus, this program uses this interpreter. Essentially, it takes a screenshot of selected areas and identifies the text from that screenshot, followed by displaying its translation. Screen Translator can use services from Google, Yandex and Bing to translate this translation itself, and you can choose your preferred "translator" in the settings.

You don't need much training to work with this software. You can choose to switch modes from the control pane by simply pressing Ctrl+ALT+Z at the start. After selecting the area with text, wait a few seconds for Screen Translator to recognize it. Upon receipt of the translation, you will see it on the drop-down menu.down panel. Application can perform spell-checking.checking. In spite of the program's useful features, a very poor translation, even if readable, can be expected. For long sentences, this is especially true. There is a lot of detail to the translation screen translate individual words.

- If you want to protect texts that feature images, menu items, or other texts that are protected from copying (as stated earlier), you may import them.

- The company is willing to provide translation service to: provides: Three popular search engines, Microsoft, Yandex, will run from June 1.

- A system can automatically detect a language and verify spelling according to user's desires;

- Automatically supports hotkey functionality with its background; supports setup; and enables background mode.

- You will be able to browse a history of translations if this works.

If I say I love this product, I mean this app uses it automatically. I have struggled translation whenever something needs to be translated on my computer, and this app solves that problem. In order to do this same thing, I have tried various programs, but none worked or translated the words easily. Google translate does not always provide you with the option to translate. Download this backup and use it as if you were going to translate later.
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