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Free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories

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Scratch is an excellent program that helps children from 8 years old to learn the basics of programming and mathematics. Children learn about the basics of these sciences in a playful, entertaining manner through this book. In addition, this application teaches children basic rules of design using this tool.

Since Scratch was originally developed for children, the interface of the program is so simplified that young users do not have any serious problems using this application. Work is performed throughout the campus.called projects. In addition to new projects, they provide the chance to work on already saved ones as well. Children can use Scratch to create interactive stories, games, and animations. The main thing is in no shape very closely. Within the main window of program, there are three working tabs. An animated window displaying a script's result in the script block with an individual script attached. Logic blocks feature six broad categories (sound, pen, motion, appearance, sensors, variables, numbers) of constructions. As an example, a user could discover commands that control the movement of an object as part of a specific category: movement. The user can see directly what's going on with your own script.

- It is ideal for students of Mathematics and Programming, to begin to understand principles of mathematics and Python.

- Ages 8 to 14; s 8 years old and older;

- There is no simpler interface than this;

- Information is presented in a playful, entertaining way.

- Use of ready made components is possible-made logical designs.

This Scratch board teaches children basic coding skills as well as enabling them to play with basic games. children, by building their own interactive plays, games, and animations using visual elements and simple functionality. With Scratch, children can practice logical and systematic thinking, and can use it to solve problems.
Those who do not know C++ or Javascrpit but wish to use animation for creative purposes could use it. Using this program, an individual without much knowledge of a computer program can easily create a fully animated object. These are the perfect activities for children wanting to do. Consider sharing projects with others to learn how you can maximize the productivity of the program, and to gain a better understanding of how other people are doing the same thing.
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