by Gomita

Visual scrapbook provided for windows.q

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gomita

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WARNING: We are no longer developing the program and are not certain whether it will operate in the future. The latest version is available on our website.

Scrapbook is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that allows the user to easily save a web page or site for further viewing without having to connect to the network or transfer to their hosting. On the toolbar, select the extension icon next to the site you'd like to copy. Click on that to begin doing so. Among the many characteristics of Scrapbook, which is today the top-rated solution of its kind, are: : Multimedia files, JavaScript scripts simultaneous editing of pages at a time, converting image files into mp3, video files; multi-tab work with multiple windows is possible on these tools.You can capture levels, use comments, as well as import and export databases in a fast and seamless manner. Despite the fact that there are outdated versions of the "Fire Fox," it is extremely easy to install and configure; this makes it particularly beneficial for experienced users who don't have any prior experience installing and configuring this application.

- Saved pages can be edited with the help of this program.

- Combining multiple pages and URLs at the same time;

- The video version of the tree catalogue allows pages to be saved;

- By copying and pasting and creating,scripts, multimedia files and comments;

- You get a rich setting window when you scroll through that selection.

You can use the extension if you install Firefox and have no idea that it has been abandoned. It was an essential Firefox extension even when scrapbook was available. As well as saving images, it worked in multiple tabs and had an image viewing function. Perhaps someone will revive this easy-to-use and easy-to-install software program someday.
With this extension, users of the Mozilla Firefox browser are able to surf the web even if they are connected to the Internet. To access the toolbar, click the pop-up menu next to the Chrome browser. This program is easy to use and accessible right from the toolbar. Its ability to handle multiple tabs, to save images, multimedia, script and scripts in JavaScript, and to use them in different ways.
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