by Andreas Winter

ScenalyzerLive makes capturing video and selecting useful scenes from your DV-tapes very easy, comfortable and FUN!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Andreas Winter

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ScenalyzerLive is a small but powerful program for working with digital DV-cameras. The software allows you to take photos, edit them, and save them to the computer's AVI format. In addition, the application provides you with the ability to control a camera directly from a computer by allowing to start the basic functions on the model: This feature makes possible using the computer as a webcam. The playback and recording features, the recording functions and the editing functions are available as well.

ScenalyzerLive supports both capturing footage captured by the camera on a videotape and capturing unrecorded video directly from the camera itself, which is connected to the computer in real time. When capturing a picture, different settings are available to the user. For example, you can set the frame rate to be captured by type by clicking the following link: Per second / minute / hour): one. Time codes can also be used to divide video into scenes, or optical parameters can be used to notice significant changes in the picture (after the operator restarts shooting suddenly). As in this case, the captured video is to be saved to a hard disc not as a single large file, but as small files that will make storing and editing video materials and files even easier. you capture and save on each photograph separately as well as set a schedule to create a videotape, enabling you to shoot again using the program.

As well as the above features, ScenalyzerLive has video editing options for editing videos. The clip editor allows you to quickly detect and cut and glue together each individual fragment within one frame, remove unnecessary parts of each frame, and save an eye-catching still image within a timeframe.

- By automatically splitting scenes, ScLive provides different scenes for the entire application.Using avi files in real time; e in real time;

- Using this program, you will be able to take a photo of captured content and make scenes from the image;.

- There are shown the format of an image on the scene capture process; ;

- Defining, copying, or deleting captured files is possible; ts can be renamed, moved or deleted;

- In addition to the saved scenes, several hundred others are waiting to be captured.

- By disabling scene detection, the entire tape can still be collected and saved into one image file.In this case, the avi is a set of the file.Video files can be as large as 1GB or as small as 2GB or 4GB.

I assume it would be fun to use this software. A scene can be split into scenes and save separately in this program. When viewing content on a screen, the software simulates splitting it up into segments. Files can be easily saved onto a user's hard drive during this process. Using the software, the user has the ability to modify files.
A video from your camera can be edited, and the final product can be saved to computers in the AVI format. ScenalyzerLive digital cameras allow you to capture videos from every camera you have, allowing you to have editing capabilities. By having full control of your computer, you are able to use this camcorder to play back memories, take pictures, record videos, and loop records. With this program, you can also edit files on a professional level. Among other things, Scenalyzer accomplishes two things for you at once; ouchyzer accomplishes two things for you; 1. Second, video is captured from the camera to videotape and then on. Additionally, the system captures unrecorded videos directly from the video camera on a computer.
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