Allows for easy PDF scanning to Windows

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ScanLite is a small program for quick scanning of JPG and PDF documents, which does not require lengthy setup. When scanning large quantities of documents and using typical parameters, it allows you to minimize the amount of parameters you have to customize.

Once started, ScanLite will automatically select the available scanner, suggest a file name and a folder where the scanned documents will be saved. Assign a different folder to the document, name it, if that is desired, or choose Scan Document(s) if you're satisfied with the default settings so far.

There are a couple of small parameters available for you to adjust under "Settings". Each time a user uses more than one scanner, the user must select the specific source for the scan and configure the scan and image in order to: - adjust the image in color and sharpness - modify the date and time of the scanning - rename scanned images in order to: - edit the JPG or PDF. There is no functional load that is associated with extreme redundancy, and the options available to developers may be as abundant as two dozen options for the appearance of the program (skin) at any given time.

- Photographes are saved for JPGs and PDF files in other formats;

- : The number of settings that you wish to use.

- Selecting a skin of the program is part of the program's features.

- Having the option to quickly scan with the default settings.

In light of scan volumes above 20,000 documents, Scanlite can help eliminate the hassle. There are plenty of scenarios where the process of organizing large volumes of documents and importing them into various folders can take quite a few moments. Thanks to Scanlite, this can be done in no time at all, enabling you to focus on your own projects.
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