Scanitto Lite

by Masters ITC Software

Download, edit, and enhance photos of numerous file types

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Masters ITC Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Using Scanitto, you can view and download images that have been captured from scanning machines. The program operates in two versions: a free version, as well as a paid version. Lite and Pro. If you would like to save pictures from TWAIN scanners, both versions accept the feature. Through this method, the settings are specified in advance of the selection of a format. It is as simple as selecting the scanner, setting its parameters and selecting your folders to save the images to the scan machine itself. In the Lite version, you are unable to save images in PDF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF formats. Instead, a tiny message appears constantly.

There are many support formats for Scanitto Pro, but another option is the direct printing function. Using your printer with a scanner turns it into an efficient copier in about ten seconds. A few unnecessary functions do not appear in the program. The program itself is easy to understand and works just fine with the user. The information can be presented in a more convenient way with just one PDF document because the scans were stored in one place.

- Occidical character recognition (OCR);;

- Can save scanned images in a wide range format; • Convert scans into high-resolution versions of scanned images in a variety of formats;

- Color and light effects are used. Black and white and gray effects are also used.

- Maximizing the output image's resolution and size is an important aspect of it;

- Multi-shot scans are saved from scanned PDF document;

- Scan areas can be chosen manually;.

- Select the printer from which you wish to direct print.

"Without Scannito Lite, your scanner's potential can be unlocked.". With the option to customize the area you wish to scanner from, the user can not only scan but also use it to customize his or her scanning area. free version does not allow you to save the file in your preferred format. I find the constantly repeated message to be annoying.
Touching up photos after scanning them in your personal computer or mobile device using this application is quick and easy. The best thing about it is that the interface makes things really easy to use.
Through the Scanitto scanning application, you are empowered to take scans for a short time at your convenience. It is going to automatically detect printers. TWAIN scanners are used specifically to enable it. In addition to the lite version, the pro version is also available. You can have the document converted to a PDF file with PRO. In this way, your scanner can be turned into a copier. As well as white and colored, both are compatible with grey and black. Document scanning is the easy part in using Scanitto.
If you are in search of a powerful, simple, and light scanning tool, Scanitto Lite is it!! The TWAIN Scanitto Lite provides the capability of scanning and saving all types of images; it can be automatically stored in more than one format. Using Scanitto Lite is extremely easy, and since it supports direct print right into your printer. For all of your scanning needs, Scanitto Lite is the product to choose!!
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