SCAD Office

by SCAD Structure

Allows for structural analysis and design

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SCAD Structure

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SCAD Office is a package of programs for designing various structures and analyzing their strength. There are 17 utilities in this system, each performing specific functions. Crystal, for example, takes the importance of taking all building specifications into account, "Dekor" - which will apply to metal structures in this example. "OTKOS-" describes the process of creating wooden designs. Among the slopes analysed are stabilize the "KAMIN" and have properties important to mountain stability. In this course, the modeling of stone products will be conducted. An additional advantage of using Scan++ is that it makes calculations and modeling operations redundant. Engineering and construction reference books are also offered as part of the program.

The SCAD Office main screen (Scan++ module) includes 6 tabs and 6 main buttons. From the "File" tab, on the left, you can create a new project. you create your first project, you will be asked to enter the raw data necessary for its processing, ed to enter the raw data needed to calculate the schemas, nodes and individual elements. The object management and modeling will be handled on a new screen afterward. Three model windows are embedded within the model window central part of the frame.Dimensions for the right column are the dimensional space. Image below: The scheme projection panel on the left. Panel that displays parameters displays ss panel, and in the top - As well as creating layers, building structures and providing frames, it also generates trusses.

A complex calculation is most often performed with SCAD Office. Structural strength analyses can be performed as well. It can easily be incorporated into construction models, helping engineers, architects, and members of construction teams to incorporate all aspects of construction according to all domestic rules and regulations.

- Metal, wooden and reinforced concrete structures, along with assemblies, bases, foundations, and other components can be designed;

- Every measure of domestic building will be compliant with all regulations); ighness with all domestic building standards;

- Considering whether structures formed have been stable and firm?

- The availability of reference material.

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