Satellite Antenna Alignment

by AL-Software Team

A program that calculates the angles for satellite antenna installation including obstacle challenges

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AL-Software Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Satellite Antenna Alignment is a software program that allows you to install the satellite dish correctly and securely. In order to install a satellite antenna with an antenna, it will also measure the rotation angles. As part of the process, it is important to have a geographical coordinate of your antenna position and the height and width of offsets. These two parameters will be inputted and the program will generate the data for calculating the directions of every spacecraft at once and the height and width of offset rai

As a result, conventional calculations do not take into account the many obstacles in the path of an antenna or any data loss in connection to a given satellite. They can be represented in the form of buildings and trees, as well as terrain features, altitude, transponder orientation, polarization, etc.

Another condition is that the angles obtained will be based on the relatively absolute north, not on what your compass can show, because the compass thing is very unstable, especially in urban areas. An integrated system means that azimuth can be found without an compass based on this.

Due to this, the program can't calculate azimuth to the sun during daylight saving time. Instead, you should subtract an hour from the total equation as a proof of azimuth to the sun in order to calculate daylight saving time. Altitude is defined as 0 meters higher than sea level. Using the program, all the data can be seen in tables and simple charts that are calculated by formulas. After saving them in MS Excel or in text, they can also be printed if you need them.

The feature of Satellite Antenna Alignment is that it automatically saves the data for the places you have already calculated, so next time you don't have to re-Choosing the correct place from the list below won't require more information. Just enter all the coordinates and conditions.

A satellite program that tells you how to install the program on its own.A rotation angle can be calculated from the rotation angle itself. An antenna must be identified with a geographic location, such as;); A er and height of offset antennas. You might have an obstruction like trees and buildings, altitudes, terran conditions, polarity, etc. that need to be accounted for separately based on North configuration, in contrast to South. This is because of the instability of the compass. other method is an alternative to the compass that does it a lot better. And the sun is a source of energy, so this helps with the system's ability to operate without it.
This smart program makes satellite dish installation easier. By combining its careful calculations with a little ingenuity, it guides its satellites perfectly and allows you to get faster access to programming than ever before. Using the software on your side will allow you to access the TV in an easier manner than ever before.
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