by SAPPHIRE Technology Limited

A crucial software package for any owner of Sapphire Graphics cards

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SAPPHIRE Technology Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SAPPHIRE TriXX is a program from Sapphire Technology that is used to overclock Radeon graphics cards. Moreover, the program is capable of artificially increasing the voltage supplied to a graphics card, maintaining the regular coolers, regulating the heat content of the cooling units, and changing parameters related to graphics processor voltage. There is an obvious tendency of overclocking the voltage of a graphics card to cause unstable operation, decrease its "life" period, and, in some cases, even lead to failure. even to breakage. Therefore, working with SAPPHIRE TriXX (as well as with other software solutions for overlocking) is recommended only for experienced users.

Moreover, the system can be monitored and analyzed via the device. An example of how it displays graphic accelerator configurations and operating system temperature are shown here. SAPPHIRE TriXX is a free program for setting up and maintaining easy-to-use graphics card profiles in a background and enabling or disabling UNKASS on the desktop (in new Windows versions only). You can also see how many functions and controls there are logically arranged in a tab between these six aspects of the program.

- By artificially increasing the frequency of graphics core and video memory, you will be able to make more high-resolution videos.

- All modern Radeon graphics cards work ncompatible with all modern Radeon graphics cards;

- By enabling controllers for coolers and voltages, this can be achieved;

- This section aims to help you with the detailed technical data about your graphics card.

- A background image can run on Windows along with this.

One of the many things I liked about this program was that it offered a lot of functionality. Using it allows me to customize the overclocking process and not learn so much about it. Using a software application that would let me do this for free so I could more quickly access my graphics and games was my only choice. SAPPHIRE helped my computer overclock to the top.
I recommend SAPPHIRE TriXX version 7.With its deceptive redesign, it has been made playable on four platforms.This software BIOS switch is interface with a simple user interface containing the new TriXX Boost.
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