Samsung Smart View


A better way to mirror images on your screen.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SAMSUNG

Release: Samsung Smart View trial version

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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finally finally found that very much better screencasting than the one previously released by Samsung for previous devices. While this is a better option compared to all apple versions, it is still not in the box. Several years ago, I owned a Samsung Galaxy S7 in terms of its capabilities and durability since it was the highest end smartphone and as such was well looked after until it got outdated, it had no real value, and screen mirroring (what was then called system mirroring ) was awful. It felt absolutely horrible, it wasn't stable any more, and during most casts, as well as sometimes crashing out completely, it just wouldn't sync up. You couldn't believe my words. Despite what it may seem, Samsung seems to have gotten it right with this latest build.

This Samsung Smart View thing is so fast! I can easily go from my phone the switch over to synch or cast anything on my phones screen super fast right to whatever monitor I want with this. There will no longer be any delays when searching for compatible or incompatible devices. This so far works on just about every tv I have examined. easily. and seamlessly. With this solution, it even works without an Internet connection.Because its products are both designed for Windows 10 and feature a vast network of compatible components. Regardless of what channel you'd like to watch television on or what movie you'd like to watch with YouTube, you can finally set this up so it'll look exactly the same everywhere you go.

Having said that, after some failures, they sure seem to have gotten it right this time, and I assume the next one will be even better. A quality screencaster would definitely be useful if it came down to doing screen mirroring or screencasting.

This is an improved version, faster, and more stable than the previous versions.

Windows 10 or Samsung tv are the best devices to use.

Download Samsung Smart View for Windows directly from the website. This device allows you to directly connect your Samsung Smart TV to your PC or smartphone on the go using an area WiFi connection.Fi network. Once you get the app, you can play movies and TV shows on your phone or PC, view pictures on your TV, or listen to music from your TV while it's on. Taking the remote from your phone is also an option. In addition, cord shavers and mobile phone users with excellent cell connections and plenty of data usage should consider this service.
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