Samsung Scan Assistant

by Samsung

Use a powerful scanner utility to make scanning and processing scanned images more efficient and efficient.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Samsung

Release: Samsung Scan Assistant 5.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Samsung Scan Assistant allows you to control the scan parameters, manipulate and edit the scanned image, and output the final image to file, servers, email, editing software or printers. You will be able to control how images are scanned, how they are picked up, and what's exported with Scan Assistant.


  • Image type selection
  • Adjust scan resolution, color depth and file size
  • Zoom in and out, flip images, crop images
  • Automation features
  • Auto cropping
  • Auto detection of blank pages
  • Scan from TWAIN compliant image editing programs (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Post-scanning image editing using Image Manager
  • Scan to FTP/SMB servers
  • Scan using WIA drivers
  • Lasso tool
  • Works with 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Samsung Scan Assistant is written by Samsung for Samsung scanners: I can't say that there is a hardware model that is as good as Samsung's. A Samsung scanner can be used for creating this image to create the best image possible. In addition to an intuitive interface, Scan Assistant utilizes Samsung scanning features on every scanning machine. Drop-down menus and large icon buttons make parameter selection and image editing easy and straight forward.

Samsung Scan Assistant is produced by Samsung and is completely free to use with no restrictions.

Scan Assistant makes use of a scanner and a remote control, both for web scanning and email, as well as FTP / SMP server scanning and TWAIN data scanning.By using a WIA driver, you will be able to perform file scans using Photoshop, or you can make use of the program. (Note: Only those compatible scanning machines can run some of the features.)

Automation features allow you to streamline recurring scan tasks: Blank pages can be removed as soon as they appear without cropping or detecting the image.mailing.

Editing done since an image scan is done through Image Manager.You can rotate, fold and crop photos, adjust brightness and contrast, as well as make cropping and scaling possible. Image Manager can be downloaded in part from this site; however, it does not come with all.Using Scan Assistant to output images from a popular image editing program lets you customize the appearance and features of your program.

In Windows (32-bit version) users can get Samsung Scan Assistant free of charge.bit and 64-Operating systems that accept certain bit amounts can be run as long as the user specifies.

Using the Samsung Scan Assistant for Windows systems saves a lot of time. It makes it easy to manage several printers throughout your network in a single user interface (UI). For those with a limited amount of experience and those who have just come into the area. The best way for everyone is to have it downloaded.
Windows has always had no support for scanning functions. What is needed is full scanning software, Samsung scan assistant allows you to control scanning as well as to edit your images, including cropping and synchronizing them. A Samsung scanning program runs on a Samsung device and works with a number of files, which makes it more useful than a program developed by Windows. This software is a good choice for me.
With this software, you can diagnosis problems without having to contact a doctor. is always helpful, but if your printer is acting up, it can be particularly helpful. When your printer is on the flashing, an assistant walks you through the process of recovering it. The app is extremely easy to use. The ease of use this poses is a nice feature of this method, as it can confuse the user.
Windows is home to Samsung Scan Assistant, an online free application. The free software enables the scanning process to be conducted faster and more efficiently, and ensures that all images are scanned accurately and in the proper format. This program is full of features to enable you to edit scanned images. Zoom in and out with the software, crop images, and zoom in and out with the software. With this software you can install Windows operating systems 32-bit and 64-bit.There is also a bit and a 64- bit.bit. Downloading the software is free, which is an added bonus.
Scan assistant, a program that lets you manage your printer, is available for Windows 10 free of charge. Using this strategy, you can manage all the printers on the same network independently, so it is ideal for people who have several of the same printers on the same network. Furthermore, you can easily manage all your printers from one place. An important component of scanning assistant is you can access information on the toner and paper content of each printer, as well as their low prices, via the app. Having said that, you can adjust one printer's settings all from the same place at all time, including refills.
With this product, you are able to zoom in and out while scanning your document. As far as user friendliness and being able to detect black pages go, it is very user-friendly. This is definitely a great option.
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