Samsung PC Share Manager

Allows for DLNA use with specific television sets.

Operating system: Windows

Release: Samsung PC Share Manager 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With its features, you can enable the display of images, videos, music or files directly on your Samsung TV set through a simple interface. Users will find that the application is simple and easy to use, and it is most convenient for beginners and advanced users alike.


  • Working with Samsung: The device has : designed to work with Samsung: TVs made by Samsung are among the most popular of consumer models. You can use your Samsung television to display information about your computer for a crisp sense of clarity.
  • Excellent Media Share: It doesn't matter what type of photo or movie you're showing, or if it's an entire family movie created by your daughter, you can showcase this software. Additionally, it allows you to load music or playlists, so you can have plenty of entertaining activities to choose from.
  • Graphical interface is easy to use: : In a two-point angle, the screen.In the part system, folders and menus will appear on the left hand side, and selected items will appear on the right hand side. A user with any level of experience can now customize their experience using this design.
  • Compatible with any device: All virtual hardware platforms: 64 bit, 32-bit.Device compatibility with Samsung PC Manager is compatible with the bit system. Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 are said to work.There are several Windows versions, including Windows 7.
  • Frustration-Free - Because it is made by Samsung, for Samsung you know this is going to work the first time and every time.

Samsung PC Share Manager allows you the user to control your media and entertainment experience. Take a step away from commercial-driven content on TV and try new things. Using this product with Samsung televisions, the device works seamlessly. You can use PC Share Manager to install your video game software from the comfort of your own home if you want to.

It's the only one that makes share content available for trusted search results.
James Ngu
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It facilitates sharing files from a user's PC by using the Smart TV functionality. Its interface seems easy to use, and its video quality seems high. others seem to be able to do this more easily as well. Comparing the products of other manufacturers is something I might consider.
Finlay Cazares
The ease of use of this program makes it much more user friendly than others such as dictionaries that rely on lengthy read-through time. An entire universe of content can be conveniently shared on a Samsung TV with a PC computer. Whether you choose it or not, you won't be disappointed.
You can use Samsung PC share manager for Windows to edit and transfer files, apps and files from Samsung Software.Files can be transferred to a server using multiple forms of computer programming.
PC Share Manager for Windows from Samsung is a convenient file sharing system that can be used for synchronizing files across computers. As with any other editing software, Mac OS X provides clips and photos for each game as freely as possible. You could be a techie if you want to.It will be a great experience with that expertise.
Operating system from sware Manager for Windows is a free-to-Make sure you are downloading Samsung transfer software. You can easily transfer files between Windows PCs and Samsung devices through either wired or wireless data connections. By using this application, users will be able to view and download images and sound files conveniently on Samsung mobile devices. For Windows users, the Samsung PC Share Manager for Windows provides a good level of ease of use.
During the setup, Samsung PC Share Manager software creates a data-sharing link from one computer to one connected Smart TV. Using DLNA technology, you can stream files to your PC. After you have shared the files, you can look at them in the television on your laptop or via your phone. The audio files are videos, and the images are photographs. All formats of files can be supported in this repository. With this software, the management of all types of files is made easy.We use this software from Samsung as our original source. By clicking share it makes you easier to download these files right away. You can run it on both Windows 10 and Windows 8, as well as Mac OS X Mavericks. Besides having mobile access, the app is also mobile.
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