Samsung New PC Studio

by Samsung

A data synchronization tool that links PCs and Phones

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Samsung

Release: Samsung New PC Studio

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The New PC Studio from Samsung syncs contacts, SMS messages, calendar entries, emails, and photos between a smartphone and a PC automatically. A number of other features are available, which include users using their PCs' keyboards to type on their phones or even sending text messages or making calls from their computers.

Any free copy of Samsung's software can be downloaded and used by anyone. You can run Windows XP (32 bit and 64 bit) or even Windows 10 latest version (10.04b) with this driver. Changing your operating system might be required if you are using a different one.

This software still comes in very handy today because of the fact that it allows you to connect directly to a PC instead of having to interact with cloud servers via the Internet. You will also be able to use your PC's Internet data on the PC rather than in-car using the cellular data plan for your phone. If you have WiFi, this feature may not be relevant since there is no WiFi in your area, or your computer is WiFi capable, you may use this feature without data.

Please be aware that many users of this software describe its features, includingintuitive and even hard to use. This software won't work if you already use it, have synchronizent data on your phone and numerous other devices that you automatically set up, and do not need any more work. If you are a power user, however, your experience may prove even more impressive due to the fine details provided by this software. Automate a variety of functions on your phone via script if you gain direct access to your PC for access to your phone. you could use an app from the Play Store instead of the Galaxy Store and be in full control of your phone as a result.

Since this software has been developed and maintained by Samsung, you can expect it to work with the latest Samsung smartphones. Depending on whether you are using a different manufacturer's phone, you will save your mileage.

Allows you to sync data between your PC and Smart phone

  • Text messaging from your PC
  • Phone calling from your PC
  • Data synchronization of emails and calendars
  • Multimedia management for your phone
  • Tools that allow you to control your phone with your PC
In addition to keeping track of my music and videos on my phone as well as keeping tabs on my contacts, photos and settings on my PC, Samsung New PC Studio Windows has eased my way into managing the contents of my devices. My entire phone and PC data is seamlessly synced using the program.
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