Samsung Kies 3


Synchronize data between your Samsung mobile device and Windows PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SAMSUNG

Release: Samsung Kies 3 2.6.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Touted as a Key Intuitive Easy System, Samsung's Kies software is one of its key offerings. If you have Kies enabled on your mobile device, Windows PC users can access a wide variety of files, both for storage on the PC and on the phone.


  • Secure data backup
  • Secure data syncing
  • Multimedia syncing (music and videos)
  • Photo, Video and Music libraries
  • Keep your mobile devices updated with the latest firmware
  • Transfer Photos and Videos to your PC
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

When introduced in 2016, Samsung Kies was the cutting edge way to connect your Windows PC to your mobile device. The software allowed users to update their phones wirelessly (before the over-the-Most mobile devices air update through an update system today), back up data on the device, transfer the captured pictures and video to the PC, keep both mobiles connected (most of the time). A multimedia library was included so that pictures, videos, and music could be managed. Due to its powerful features, it has the capability of back-upping contacts and texts so you can be able to recover them if your mobile phone was lost, stolen or inaccessible for any extended period of time.

Although most of these features and tasks are automated at present, the majority are done through OTA (over-the-air) software update services, which store data and store it in the cloud at the same time. Samsung smartphone and tablet owners that have a more recent model Galaxy Note III should, however, get in touch with Kies to make their devices work better. Users of newer device types may still enjoy some value for Kies, however, if they do not use cloud services.

Kies 3 supports Samsung Galaxy Note 3s (Kies 3.0), along with Kies 2s.As compared with Galaxy Note III, this phone allows the older devices. I can't install Kies 3 without Android 4.Using Windows Media Player 11 or more, or installing the Windows Media Feature Pack is recommended.

You can now wirelessly upgrade your older Samsung smartphones' firmware with Samsung Kies 3.
Thanks to its clear, focused nature, I like the software description. Clear from the get-go, the software aims to accomplish this. As for the "Features," I am always interested in hearing what new features have been introduced. As I mentioned, bare is a necessity.Customers will probably be able to download this article by looking over the bones instructions.
Harry Alcantar
If one uses Samsung Kies, the phone automatically syncs with their computers. The user's phone's camera automatically appears on the screen of his or her computer whenever he or she saves a photo or file. You no longer need to mix your phone and computer when you are having trouble posting on social media. In addition, updates will be provided when the phone is plugged into a computer.
You can synchronize the data between your laptop, PC, and mobile device using Samsung Kies 3. You can use it on Windows as well as a Mac since both operating systems come with built-in downloads. Data and files will be easily transferred from phone to computer using these powerful tools - these are all simple and easy-to-use. This app not only keeps your phone up to date, but can also be used to update it. The Samsung Kies 3 is easy to use, fun, and a great choice for those who prefer Samsung's products.
You can use Samsung Kies 3 to install programs on your PC. From your computer, large files can easily be transferred. By using the apps, you must be a member. Making payments, managing apps, and running searches fast on a regular basis is easier with it. Users and technology have high praise for this product- It's reasonable priced and easy to use.savvy professionals,
Whenever I want something to solve the problems I've got with my computer, Samsung Kies 3 comes to mind. The synchronization errors I noticed when changing devices resulted in a constant flow of information between devices, enabling me to access apps and other things on the PC, such as my local app store. What a wonderful tool this is to keep one's SAMSUNG ry for someone with Samsung devices!
The Samsung Kies 3 for Windows synchronizing program can be attached to the computers or mobile devices you rely on. It makes it easy to collect information and find new programs. The Samsung Kies 3 for Windows will allow you to see a deeper level of detail on your computer. No matter what software you use. A variety of Samsung Kies 3 for Windows services such as pictures, clips, and email address histories can also be saved securely. Overall, Kies 3 for Windows offers a number of benefits.
There is no better application for Windows than Samsung Kies 3 for Mobile. You can easily and securely download pictures and data from your Samsung mobile device to your PC through this easy to use program. You can also find new apps using this program on your Samsung mobile device. During Kies's update cycles you will always see the latest version for the device, allowing you to skip an update altogether. As of now this software is also available for MAC platforms. You should have Samsung Kies on your smartphone in order to use it.
It was not convenient for me to transfer everything, such as my photos, music, downloads, etc. to and fro from my older Samsung phone (original Galaxy Note). The software I use now in this respect is the most useful that I have come across. older, so it's understandable that these kinds of things bother me sometimes. Using Samsung Kies does not work.- Installing, using, and understanding the program is extremely easy.
Among Samsung's intuitive yet accessible systems is Kies. Taking Kies is far more practical than stretching over an exchange between your cell phone and Windows computer, and keeps the two in harmony and supporting your cell phone even further. 2016 marked the debut of Samsung Kies as the world's first cellular phone interface to a Windows PC. A product allowing clients to refresh their telephones remotely (before the overclock period) made for an interesting experience.the-The two gadgets play good harmony when they stay in a state of air connection (air update frameworks most cell phones today), back up personal information, backup and restore pictures captured using the iPhone 4, and make PC photos and videos work as close to the originals as possible. As the custodian of photography, recordings, and music, it monitored libraries of both mixed media and classical music. the ability you could reinforce messages and contacts on your PC in case your cell phone were lost, taken down, or rendered inoperable, so when it was recovered you could retrieve them again.
My new Samsung phone's data needs to be synced with the Windows computer quickly. Getting Samsung Kies 3 on Windows is truly the best experience I've ever had. It's so simple to use. My computer now contains all my data even if I lose my phone. This is just peace of mind. so I didn't have to pay anything. Even more cool.
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