by CherubicSoft

Convert the image by just a right click on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CherubicSoft

Release: SageThumbs

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SageThumbs uses a right click to convert the format of a photo. Format can also be converted, viewed as wallpaper or set to be viewed as wallpaper. Additionally, there is an option for selecting the size, resolutions, and file types of the image in a separate menu.

During the setup process, this extension can give you options to save files as MS images. In this case, no opening is necessary. You do not need to run software when you use it. This application is totally free.


Images can be converted and used on Windows platforms easier with this open source shell extension.
  • Supports 162 image formats
  • Single right click conversion to popular or most used formats
  • Single click for wallpaper setting
  • Single click to copy
  • Single click to send by email

This is very easy and convenient to use with a great time cutting opportunity with lots of formats which makes sending or attaching to different documents simpler.

Platforms: Windows and other: It works only with Windows. XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2012/8/8.1 32/64-bit

The minimum disk space is also 5 MB.

It is free!

Paul Hargety
You may be aware how difficult it is for someone like me to organize all their photos of different formats. In addition, Sagethumbs streamlines the process and gets rid of my headaches. I thought it was amazing and ultimately a product that did well and differentiated itself from the rest.
You don't need to open or install SageThumbs to convert image files. Over 160 different formats can be used with SageThumbs. It has a lot of options, you can either right-click (Windows only) or select settings such as changing the background to photo mode, etc. When combined with a dedicated program, it can reduce conversion time dramatically.
Sagethumbs lets its users create multiple images quickly from one window without accessing any other programs. You can quickly convert images within the Windows browser thanks to the easy-to-use interface and lightweight features of this tool. If you're looking for an alternative to organizing your images online, this may be the one for you.
You can get SageThumbs up and running with the Windows Explorer version or you can order and edit images from any browser. Users are not required to open any other applications in this application. All editing and orders have already been made and edited in the browser. The design is multi-faceted and extremely elegant to use, but also functional for a user.friendly layout.
Olly Dove
Microsoft Excel has Sage Thumbs as one of its best tools for easy converting of images. As of November 20, you can no longer rely on sites like Bing or Paint to locate a useful image converter. With Sage Thumbs you are able to instantly right-click an image and convert it into the desired format. You can use it for free as a built-in extension for Windows 2003. The Windows Explorer window can now be used to convert images, thanks to the Windows 10 support for Photo Conversion. Sage Thumbs' Windows Explorer compatibility permits users to see many of the same image formats repeatedly. It is equipped with 112 image formats and 224 extensions for its GFL library. In addition to XnView's existing software, there are 26 additional file formats supported via XnView's additional plug ins. Pierre developed the XnView GFL library which can be used in this shell.e Gouglet. Our customer service department is currently providing superb support via email.
Images can be taken with this product. thumbnails are instantly displayed, as well as your entire images. Their tools are super easy to use, and the instructions are extremely simple. It has a lot of features I enjoy using. This is the easiest software out there and one that you should definitely get.
My windows computer would be better for looking at many images quickly. Microsoft Excel gets rescued from SageThumbs. There are a lot of image formats I can preview in my windows explorer with this program. So convenient. It is possible to convert popular image formats with a click. There are many ways to share pictures with coworkers. So cool.
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