by SaferPass s.r.o.

A password manager program which safely and securely stores all passwords in a single base

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SaferPass s.r.o.

Release: SaferPass 6.6.13

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In terms of ensuring user security and privacy, this Windows program represents quite innovative in the field. In this way, users can securely store passwords on a server that is not accessible by others. In addition to automatic account logging, it offers certain security capabilities, such as updating security methods whenever needed. The app works across all platforms, meaning that users do not need to worry about their privacy while at work, since it is very accessible. Using data stolen from the credit card, it is designed as a prevention tool, with all platforms running smoothly. In addition, if you so wish, it will log you into various accounts and platforms as well. The solution works with laptops, tablets, and other devices as well as lets others access the contents via a master password - the master password is, after all, the key password the user knows. This makes setup the easiest with any password manager program you tried. A security guard must keep their own privacy, and this is quite the task with this one. I would highly recommend this for everyone as you need a good sense of security. For both personal and business email accounts, this type of function is essential, as it is often necessary to retrieve sensitive information from other systems such as finances and others.

Master password to have access to all passwords only accessibly to you, compatible with all platforms

  • Password manager which safely and securely stores passwords
  • Master password for user
  • Update security methods of accounts
  • Prevention of identity theft through inaccessible data
  • Compatible with all platforms

For Windows users

The past was when we utilized the single piece of technology to access our modern day universe; on our solitary PC, we would discard our mysterious site passwords for secret word chiefs. No, truly! Despite the fact that all current secret key administrators need to keep track of all electronic gadgets in addition to their innovative working frameworks as well as keep general admission at their fingertips, they still need to keep an eye out for passwords' general admittance. A SaferPass subscription is the ideal way to keep up to date with all of the latest news. In addition to Android and iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux are incorporated as programs that can be expanded or expanded, regardless of whether the programs have been upheld. While SaferPass has been around for several years, it remains a relatively new offering. Many key standards require a substantial number of standard secret words, among them storing individual pieces of information, securing shared secret keys, and protecting the legacy of secret words. According to my colleagues, organizations value these elements, presumably due to the fact that they are on their guide for the future.