by Safeplicity Ltd

Enables users to protect their confidential files with a password

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Safeplicity Ltd

Release: Safeplicity 4.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Safeplicity is a handy tool for individuals who would like to password-protect certain files, but are unsure how to do it. Through Safeplicity, users will have the ability to not only password-protect their confidential files, but they also have the ability to encrypt them, and the best part is, users, do not need to have any kind of advanced IT skills for this application.

It also has the option of allowing users to hide or protect files. In addition, by selecting this option, the password-protected folder will also be kept anonymous. Nowadays, most people have a similar number of passwords to what they need, and this makes it difficult to forget them anymore. In Safeplicity, the users can set up some optional password reminders to ensure that they do not forget their password over and over. There is a very simple interface to this program. Simply right-click the button and it will take you there.The option to protect with password will be selected, followed by the password. However, that folder cannot be protected. Consequently, your folders will be protected in order to take advantage of this protection in an instant; however, while that protection is happening, your files and folders will be encrypted in the background. In a normal day and age, there would be questions about the security of these applications. Its AES 256bit encryption is the foundation for the very hard-to-crack security of Safeplicity. In addition, you don't have to store the passwords that you pick with the computer, so password reminders will be invaluable to you, considering that users constantly have different passwords.


  • Protect and Hide option
  • 256bit AES encryption
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lightweight application
  • Easily navigated
Computer users should be very cautious of installing this kind of software. There should be a very robust seal on every file. There are many ways of putting together office software that are helpful for both individuals and companies. Computers will be used by everyone, regardless of what they do. Students should have this in their college classroom as well. With this, every message will remain completely safe for both big and small companies. By doing so, users as a whole will be benefited.
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