by SafeIP, LLC

A privacy utility that hides a device's IP address to give anonymity when browsing the web

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SafeIP, LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SafeIP is a small utility that allows you to hide the real IP-The location of each computer on the network in the given address field. Internet travel is made easier with it thanks to its simplicity. Even if you do not have an IP address associated with specific countries, some sites on the global network that are blocking anonymous movements do allow you to access certain pages.

This program provides privacy protection, so websites cannot track your activity while using it. It also encrypts traffic when you are using a public WiFi network and visiting the Internet from home.Fi network. SafeIP is compatible with all popular Windows browsers, including Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera. The program is also extremely easy to use.

- VPNs hide the actual IP addresses so that their information can be accessed by sites, services, games, and applications.

- The use of a private proxy server to encrypt Internet traffic.

- Identify a free anonymous IP address in seconds;

- you can surf the Web on sites that are not available using your country's IP address;

- Simple and easy to use user interface with little settings required.

For people who are uncomfortable being tracked online, this product is a perfect fit. You will be able to prevent anyone from accessing your location or other information about yourself using it. No-It's nice to be snooped on - a happy snoop one likes being snooped on - one likes being snooped on - Can you afford to do without this any afford to be without this?
My obsession with security has always been there. In addition to this program, I can feel safe when I'm browsing the internet.
The name IP suggests that it will work. I am very familiar with encry option from Aslo's past work. You can live with this intelligent system in whatever shape or form you like. This gives you an advantage when you are in the home or working on the computer all the time. This also helps it become a top choice. Another feature that could concern some people is its use of a private proxy. Nevertheless, it overall is an excellent option..
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