Safe4cam Latitude

Provides the website with the webcam's location and image taken by it in order to help recover stolen laptops.

Operating system: Windows

Release: Safe4cam Latitude 1.09

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Safe4cam Latitude (for Windows) is a software that is used to retrieve stolen laptops and provide peace of mind to laptop owners. Windows running in the background as it begins every session, closes after 60 seconds if it connections to the internet, in order to be stealthy for the laptop thieves. The Safe4cam website sends the IP address of the stolen laptop once it takes a Windows session and is connected to the internet to find where the laptop is located. Additionally, the Safe4cam website will send images taken from the attached webcams in order to identify a laptop thief who is attempting to break into the laptop. A secret background procedure is performed inside the laptop over the course of about 60 seconds in order to prevent the laptop thief from discovering the whole process and using it to harm his laptop further. With its subtle performance, it is almost certain that the laptop will be captured and the alleged user will be prosecuted.


  • Transmits IP address to the website in order to detect stolen laptop's location
  • Transmits images from attached webcam to website in order to identify alleged laptop thief
  • Runs in the background and closes after completing a task to go unnoticed
  • Takes only 60 seconds to perform its task once connected to the internet
  • Provides peace of mind to laptop owners

Safe4cam Latitude (for Windows) is a dependable security software created to ensure that laptop owners' valuable property will be returned to them after their laptops have been stolen. While using the software, the victim's location is transmitted without notification to the offender so that the program can provide him/her with location information and details about the stolen laptop. Through this program, laptop owners are assured that their investment is protected as well as thieves who might consider stealing a laptop are deterred from doing so.

Does not operate in the background and runs quietly.
A large amount of these tools offer location tracking for mobile devices, but PC location tracking apps are much weaker. Utilizing this app, you'll have the ability to retrieve the IP of your stolen laptop as well as make contact with safe4cam's server in a matter of minutes.
Mason Chaffee
In order to fully benefit from this software, every laptop should be pre-installed. Having access to stolen laptops is very easy, and you can identify the thieves very easily. In the movies, I have seen this sort of thing, but I did not realize it existed. This feature uses your webcam so it can identify the thief.
Having installed this product made my morning commute on the train safer since I live in a big city and always have a laptop at my side. Although I was not a target of theft, I was happy to experience success using the software with my boyfriend. I saw what my boyfriend looked like via the webcam, and the IP address he used indicated that he was nearby. In addition, it was quite fast.
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