Rules of Survival

by NetEase Games

Survival strategy game exploring combat and survival techniques.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NetEase Games

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Rules of Survival is a unique game suitable for all ages. Windows, Android, and other OS versions can all be played as part of this royal battle game. It is called Rules of Survival and entails the user who is stranded on a vast and wide map encompassing a deserted island. The user works their way around to navigate and find points of interest. The user finds guns, weapons, and other important items for survival. In League of Legends, you will be pitted against several adversaries lurks and eager to catch you. You should rely on guns to protect yourself, since they are the best way to stop your enemies. During the game, your goal is to find as many items as possible on the island while exploring inside and outside of buildings. You will likely become the last survivor in the game. A player may survive only if he remains standing inside a shrinking circle platform.

As its name implies, Rules of Survival is a very adventurous and wide-ranging map-building adventure. If you're someone who enjoys working and living on vast platforms, the game might meet your criteria. It will appeal to anyone on a tour who enjoys looking around and exploring. As a survival strategy and strategy game, it reminds one of the user about other games available on the market, like Zombies or similar things. In the quarantine season, I would personally recommend this game to people looking for something to do on their break or to satisfy their adventure spirit.


Allows the user to venture around a grand map space and use different forms of weapons against enemies
  • Adventure game
  • Defend yourself from enemies on a vast island
  • Huge map
  • Available for Android, Windows and other OS
  • Free and lightweight
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