Root Genius

The best tool for root any android smartphones or tablets

Operating system: Windows

Release: Root Genius 3.1.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is most commonly used for root Android KitKat 4.4.4.This can still work on most Android platforms even if you want more than two. Developer Taobao is based in China and developed it. It is one click rooting and automated rooting


  • In addition to high application success rates, there is a positive feedback loop.
  • Computers do not exist for us.
  • You can root the program for free without the cost.
  • The user interface is interactive.

Root genius is one of the best tools for rooting your android device. This app facilitates you with the rooting of your device by just a few clicks. There are no harmful effects on your system from this application. It has only one negative component. The Google Play Store does not offer this application. Nevertheless, this application root genius can definitely be used. An emulator can be used to install root genius. Root genius is available for the PC and is an astonishing third-party App.

This game has very simple UI options.

Due to its very minute difference in functions, these alternatives almost match the ones available in standard systems. It is because of this that they work as the best alternatives. For rooting, take a look at this great application. As well as providing the easiest rooting tool, this provides the most efficient rooting method. The root can be reserved at any time.

- versions of Windows are supported by this app.

- You should check and make sure that you are running the fastest wireless network or have good internet access prior to installing any application.

- To use this application on an android device, you need an emulator, which you are able to download from your PC.

- Bluestacks is the most common application.

- Root genius 1.8.Android devices of more than 10000 supported by a 7.0 firmware update.

Saporah Wynn
In that case, people who want to budget will check out the platform first. In contrast to this, people wanting to root androids will be more likely to go through with it. Because this is the only way a consumer is going to gain an understanding of what is intended, this product has been proven to increase sales. A product's customer life is improved if it makes things easier for them.
In addition to that, the fact that you can root Androids for no cost is a plus, which is why most people want to root their machines for their own cost rather than taking out a loan. Because this is the only way a consumer is going to gain an understanding of what is intended, this product has been proven to increase sales. A product's customer life is improved if it makes things easier for them.
The tool automates your device automatically, I love that it is free. Although it may not be designed for Windows, but only Android. For those who are not very tech savvy, this is seemproof for them. In rooting, security is always a concern.
With the new Root Genius root tool, you'll be able to more quickly expand and optimize the functions of your smartphone or tablet. This software product makes it possible to personalize your devices even further and extend capabilities you would not be able to achieve with native applications. root ability of an easy to use rooting program. Take your experience to the next level by downloading this guide.
Daniel Lehmann
Your PC should not be required to install the Windows version. After you download the software, use the PC connection to run it. Root 3 was updated earlier this week.1.In addition to Root genius apk for Android devices, the Chinese version of 7 can also be downloaded directly from the Internet.
My phone's functionality is improved through Root Genius. Whenever I feel like something, I use my phone and I am able to do it. As I first used it with my older Galaxy, it was very loved and I've used it on my Galaxy two since then also. In a way this helped me remove unnecessary apps and make them less appealing. Even though some items are written in Chinese, they have not interfered with their functionality.
In both my computer and mobile phones, rooting has great benefits. I really like how easy it is to use, it gets rid of the bugs very quickly, and it fixes them on an almost daily basis. It also has a backup feature that allows you to build custom ROMs, which is something I especially liked, and it does not have any additional advertisements. Overall very satisfied.
Root Genius can easily be a side job while I fix android phones for sale, run other applications or perform other tasks, because it looks great when I'm simply upgrading and/or adding fresh software. Sometimes I load test versions requiring root access, but I only do it when I' As soon as you root your device, you will have full control over how it looks and works.
Your devices and data can be found and organized in Root Genius. It saves me time, is futuristic, simplifies, and makes a profound impact on me. When I bought this device, I instantly recognized it for my Android.
With the use of roots-trumpet or root-thing in Four different languages including English, Russian, Spanish, and French is possible. Because its most recent version does not require any installation, it makes it very easy to use. Also available in Chinese is a fresh version of the app. Getting the best apps available for android smartphones is easy. There are numerous apps available for Android smartphones direct download. As well as flashing custom ROMs, this program allows you to run the kernel and kernel settings, which is really helpful. As well as blocking ads, it also has anti-ad functions.
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