RonyaSoft Poster Printer

by RonyaSoft

Print images and photos on any size paper you'd like

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RonyaSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A standard printer can be used to print large banners, posters, large walls photographs or any other form of a large art form through ProPoster. Only a special plotter and a protractor are necessary for proper display graphics. Using that principle, large images are divided into several parts and then printed separately, just like a film. Microsoft Word and Excel documents, as well as pictures and digital photos, can all be used as source materials.

in an alternative, you can definitely employ powerful graphics editors if you're capable of performing them. Nevertheless, ProPoster is something convenient, simple, and use of a program that will free you from mundane tasks. Your selected image will then be split into several pages so that it can be printed. Whether you'd like an ong paper, a poster, or a banner, we recommend using scissors and glue.

- banner printing on a 10x10 meter surface; etailing, up to a size of 10x10 meters;

- The files can be converted to many image formats (mp4,gif, jpg, wmf, efect all image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, wmf, emf);

- The capability of copying formatted data can be applied to standard applications.

- Create files from JPEG, MPI or PDF files; Prints using Adobe Photoshop CS6; Creates on cloud for free

- Here are a few posters that will help you experience life in real time.1;

- Using the metric system and the British imperial system in accordance with this principle);

- multilingual interface;

- To use, create posters by DIN A0, A1, and A2.

- The adjustment of poster size allows the pages to be split into printing editions if the orientation of the print page matches.

- In order to keep the poster printing, you should separate the selected sections.

There's nothing better than this program for printing documents. You can print posters from your printer using it, which can produce format images. In it, you can create a beautiful poster that has many of those elements working in harmony.
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