by Ring ID

A social networking platform, an improved version of Skype if you will

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ring ID

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RingID for Windows is an up-Platforms that will bring you a unique social network. Consumers are able to form connections near-instantaneously since the platform is free.and-far - an essential! What sets RingID apart is its interactive interface, modern and innovative design, and message behind the brand. RingID is a remodel of Skype, but better. Stealing photos with RingID has a number of fun features that make your experience richer and more meaningful while keeping your privacy and time private. This app appeals to the busy family. It is user-With an accessible place in the Android store for kids of all ages! To provide a list of what can be utilized for free, see the list below.

Telephone and video contact via phone is made -calling to all

  • Integrated chat interface. With RingID you'll be able to run chats available ng on the event video-It is not desirable or accessible to dial a number. When data is deleted, data is backed up automatically, ideo chat also includes a backup in the event that data is deleted, there is always a backup - rest assured, your data is secure
  • Video-calling available. In order for RingID to work properly, a connection must be made. Although users can access the network without a connection, RingID cannot function entirely. RingID can be used over WiFi connection and all cellular services
  • Friends list. RingID allows all users the ability to add friends for easy accessibility to connect together. Friends are requested based on their given ID and must be accepted to be added for privacy
  • Multi-media integration. Consumers can share pictures, videos, music, and other multi-media files through RingID.media options to send to those in social circles to meet all of the senses
  • Fun stickers. By registering for RingID your credit card you can find free stickers so consumers can express whatever emotion or time it is needed at any given time - What do you cks!
  • Newsfeed. Facebook is the app that includes an online newsfeed for all RingID users so that you can keep connected with friends and keep abreast of everything new. Circle selection is also available - as well asselective circle.By sharing a consumer's information, it is possible to achieve their goals.
There is no limit on earning money with this app; however, there is also a drawback, because a significant portion of your earned income will flow to bank accounts, and the app community does not resolve this problem as quickly as it should.
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