by Trion Worlds

A program that supports the Oculus Rift VR headset

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Release: Rift 4.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A rift is an essential tool in order to do anything with your Oculus Rift VR headset. Even though it has to be downloaded, it's a very nice program that will make your life much more convenient. The program stores all of your games in the library and also has a store in order for you to purchase other Rift titles. If all VR headsets supported by some VR headset on the market were offered, they would certainly be a fair bit better than the Rift. As far as we know, Rift supports every kind of VR headset they come out with. Having a universal HUB for all my Oculus headsets makes me feel better.

I find a simplified Hub to be the best source for information about Rift related issues. The Rift supports most basic tools, whether it is updating games, downloading updates, and playing videos. Using the troubleshoot and fix applications in this application can be helpful in troubleshooting your Rift headset problems. During your use of the headset, you will be able to see how things will look. My experience is that if things feel off, this will make a significant difference.The program is playing on the computer as if I am playing games.

I really like that my games run through Rift. Whenever I am running a test, I rarely find my performance dropping or crashing. The entire system is stable and has a lot of reliability. You may have different results depending on your PC. If you have not, let me tell you that VR require a large part of your PC due to graphics and CPU performance. As I am confident that Rift and a VR headset aren't capable of handling your PC, as long as you check their specifications first before purchasing one, don't expect these products to work properly. Many computers are "VR Ready," so that they can play games with VR within seconds. I think out of all VR companies, and Rift is the best way of getting into the virtual reality world at the lowest price.

If you have an itch or want to dive into the VR world, I think Rift is the best way to do so. There's no complicated process involved. Just click here. My favorite part about Oculus is its trust and the technology it offers. Playquality games are only posted to their store if they think they're the best. In virtual reality, it's a lot fun to jump in. Try it out at a local store if you are unconvinced and then go figure.

Helps play virtual reality games for the Oculus Rift

  • Multiple Rift devices supported
  • Acess library and games
  • Download and update Rift devices
  • Purchase games from store hub
  • Get latest Rift news

Please be sure to purchase a valid version of Windows and meet minimum specifications.

In order to improve your gaming experience, check out Rift for Windows first. With Rift you gain access to multiple 3D videos which not only serve as realism but also can be incredibly memorable and fun to look at. Rift provides that sense of familiarity that every character in a video game wears on their sleeves in front of it.
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