Rhyme Genie

by Idolumic

Rhyming dictionary program that is compatible with Windows platforms and Mac OS X IOS.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Idolumic

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is for songwriters who make their living by writing.

Rhyme Genie is developed by Idolumic for Windows and Mac platforms, for songwriters looking to add some extra word flow to their songs. There are over 300,000 different entries in this rhyming dictionary, making it the largest resource available. Various American expressions and phrases - such as American idioms - are selected for each song. A word filter with 130,000 different parts of speech is included as well. With the integrated thesaurus and word filter, word choice is ever easier, as it gives you synonyms matched to syllable words as well as a visual representation of the connotation of each word; it allows you to find syllable numbers within sentences. Automatic identification of syllables stressed, syllable detection, and voice recognition are included.For the same's sake, phonic similarity in words as well as melody and rhythm.

Rhyme Genie includes five different song dictionaries, made from half a million different song titles. Take a look at 53,000 songs that have topped the charts, along with the artists that created them.

Music Management is included separately as well. Also, has the option to limit the number of rhymes that are displayed through the selection of a smaller dictionary.

We use Rhyme Genie in a way that lets you talk more about what you want without limiting our vocabulary. Let Rhyme Genie say what you want and let her figure out what to do about it. This software dramatically improves the quality of work performed by those of us who know a lot of music, but do not have a lot of experience with songwriting.

A total of 30 rhyme types will be chosen, as well as over 300,000 characters in the code.

  • 30 different rhyme types
  • 330,000 different word entries
  • 10 million phonetic references
  • 130,000 different parts of speech
  • Integrated thesaurus with over 2.5 million entries

Separate programs were involved in some of these topics.

TuneSmith- The maintenance of a song catalog; full contact manager; Registrants of pseudonyms is supported.

For a first-time user of an application program like this, I'm not even sure what to think. This program enables you to find almost any word that matches any word in space-time very simply! That's great news for teachers, students, songwriters, book-writers, and much more. We are able to understand every word by rhymed with each word to found. This software application is an excellent one for my students!! This is a good score! E that it an A+! Definitely a great score out of 10!!
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