by Dr. Bob

Established encrypted connections between you and friends

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dr. Bob

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RetroShare is a free client program that allows you to create a hidden secure network and communicate privately with the right people. encrypt data that is submitted on behalf of network subscribers by using GnuPG. Furthermore, its purpose is to allow users to remain in the Internet and exchange information incognito. Tor and I2P technologies are also supported.

RetroShare has a built-in messenger that resembles ICQ in design and functionality. You can use this application to transfer pictures and add smiley faces, make video and voice calls and exchange text. Furthermore, the system is integrated with an e-learning component.Mail address with a no-trace provision that allows for confidential communication. As a result of further features of the client, subscribers of the network can communicate through private and public chats, as well as participate in forums where they exchange information. You can explore interesting news and identify which careers best meet your needs on your friends' news feeds. A lot of this will contribute to creating a large, interconnected information space, by bringing people together across themes.

RetroShare customers are attracted to its wide range of file-sharing capabilities, as well as its quick sharing of large files over encrypts P2P and F2F networks. There is a name for it; a torrent tracker, which lets you trade files easily.

- As a consequence, only you and the individuals who need your information will be able to peer-to-peer connect.

- Passivity and authenticity: you and your friends are reliable; bt authorization of your friends;

- Communication using a centralized social network;

- Announcing your partnership with your friends will allow them to make themselves accessible to you; ;

- Using an encrypted connection in which you and your opponent are both aware of what information is being transmitted.

- secure e-Sending and receiving mail, posting to websites, communicating over the radio or video.

As a result of purchasing this software to communicate securely and share automatically with our colleagues, both of our expectations were exceeded, and the price was reasonable. For the same reason as to recommend this software to others, we recommend it also. It was easy for us to install and maintain the software, and it wasn't difficult for us to get started. Having a good support department has been extremely easy for us.
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