Resource Hacker

by Angus Johnson

This has been designed to be the complete resource editing tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Angus Johnson

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Resource Hacker is a utility for working with resources packaged in executable files. In addition to a full set of editing tools, it provides various support services. A 32-resource environment compiles, reads, decompils, recompiling, etc.bit and 64-BitWindows executable files (executable).exe; *.dll; *.scr; *.In addition, mui music, i music, etc. Resource Hacker can save, add, modify or delete individual resources from these files, as well as create and compile .Use the cursor to edit the script.res files.

Users looking for something easy to use will find Reshacker as an app that extracts icons, cursors, pictures, files from programs, as well as audio and video. In this way, Resource Hacker provides developers with valuable job opportunities as well as other users who want to understand how programs work. From translating nts, and people who understand why they need this program, Resource Hacker offers more opportunities, from translating programs into other languages to changing the interface and other In Microsoft CommonControl classes can be added to the dialog editor that comes with the program. The utility allows you to work and compile from a command line directly.A script similar to the "C" language with extras such as the following: #DEFINE, #UNDEF, #IF, #ELIF, #ELIF, #ELSE, etc.

- The ability to use Microsoft Office to open and view resources of executable files;

- When files are opened, most resources will appear as images or decompilation text;;

- Exporting text and graphic to binary () as well as saving resources in different formats.bin);

- Changing text resources is possible using the built-in editor; ; possibility to use the built-in editor to change text resources;

- Possible editing of dialog boxes; ng dialog boxes;

- Being able to add new controls can;;

- I can use the command line; );

- scripting support;

- In addition to completely free, the program contains no advertising.

has made it easy for users to edit resources by automating the process. Alternatively, Resource Hacker provides access to a number of decompiling capabilities for both 32bit and 64 bit Windows executable files or other games.exe files. If you are able to customize your software contents to suit your needs, then it makes sense for all users, and you don't necessarily have to have a genius’s sense of knowledge about programs. I think Resource Hacker shows me that it could be called A+.
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