A Digital Audio Workstation to record and process audio

Operating system: Windows


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Renoise is a digital audio station that allows you to create professional quality music. This program is available as a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The LADSPA and DSSI plug-ins will be compatible with the VST and AU plug-ins.It is almost functional in all aspects. By using plug-ins, you can do things like do the dishes.You can add new effects or formats, but not specific ones. Renoise can be connected and synchronised with other media applications that support the ReWire protocol.

Audio-There is a tracker in the editor which records music created on it. Adding items such as notes, parameters, effects, and commands is a simple process. This is accomplished by using key combinations from the video codes, which provide numbered or attached letters to a keyboard. Once you become adept at using hotkeys, working at the highest level will not take long.

The tracker comes with 26 native effects such as echoes, dealers, filters, compressors, etc. Its building is sometimes done with sepmls. With Renoise there is a sample editor in the program, which allows you to edit samples without having to leave the program.

Having this software allows me to check the plugs and determine audio quality, is extremely useful on Windows and runs beautifully on my gamers.
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