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Manage hosts on your network!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Remote Utilities

Release: Remote Utilities - Viewer

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Since we're all used to managing servers and remote computers using Windows Remote Desktop Connection, it is easy for us to do that. Now with Remote Utilities, you have the capability to make sure your clients and servers are managed seamlessly for your clients and their servers.


  • Admin Module:
    • Setup favorites and organize workstations and servers into different folders signifying different sites and locations
    • Access the registry, device manager and more with ease! Which of your group policies has had e of a negative effect on your domain? When certain changes cannot be reached, use Remote Utilities so that a troubleshoot can be carried out.
  • Flexible modularity
    • Agent Module
      • Does not require installation or administrative privileges- The software can be run at any time on a server or workstation of your network. It won't be necessary for your IT staff to run to the user dozens of times to troubleshoot your system. Once the Agent has been loaded, workstation access will immediately be available.
    • Server
      • Central authorization and administration for your remote connections
    • Portable viewer
      • Access your workstations and servers from any web-connected computer. With a power output up to 80W and enough to load onto a thumb drive, this system is all that you need for your desktop.
  • Safe and Secure!
    • With TLS 1.To secure your connection, your network layers have to be two-tiered.
    • You can use a compatible phone application to generate secure codes with 2 factor authentication.
    • By using Active Directory support, you are able to define controls and access correctly.
    • These strong password and authentication controls will reduce your most vulnerable attack points and reduce traditional attack sources. Whitelisting your IP address ensures that Remote Utilities are only accessible by an IT department.
  • With one of the lowest initial prices, we promise a great deal more in the future.You can pay for your time purchase and receive a volume discount.
    • Business-friendly for small businesses, FREE commercial use allowed, and not advertised. Each technician has up to 10 endpoints.
    • Small businesses and entrepreneurs will pay only $99 per technician. Up to 20 endpoints are included in this rate.
    • To obtain a limited number of endpoints per technician, large businesses are required to pay $249.
    • Our enterprise IT department charges $499 per technician and offers unlimited endpoints.

Get ready to move on, baby!! Taking control of your network remotely should be the new-world process and you don't have to manage it manually with Remote Utilities.

Remote utilities run without any administrator involvement or installation through the Agent module.

System Requirement:

This is the version available on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

It has supported 2K3 and 2K16 graphics versions of Windows Server.

An OS that uses 64 bit should be required.

Public/DNS entry required

Robbie Eberle
Through this, you can interact with different utilities on your different computers without having to make do with IT. The advantage of working from home more often is that I can manage things from the computer I own and then control them easily from home. Having it up and running was easy. It may be worthwhile to give it a try before making the splurge.
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