Remote Control PRO

by Alchemy Lab

Remote control that is available for Windows servers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alchemy Lab

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Remote Control PRO is a program that allows the user to view and control the remote computer screen. Using remote desktop management, it is performed similarly to how a user would operate the program. The main feature of Remote Control PRO is its small size and low resource consumption. Using it, you can install a slow-speed network on a computer in your own home network.

As soon as you install the program, you'll be given the option to select the component. If this computer manages server or another than client, e, that may manage others or the server if it will manage. Additionally, it is possible to install both components simultaneously.

There is a connection wizard that you will access right away if you enter your email address into the window. Please enter the address of a computer that the server is running on. If necessary, please enter other information. As soon as the connection has been established, the remote desktop will open. A single unit can replace all of the above processes while performing them all in one go; all you need are: Using programs and the task manager, copying files, or managing your system can be done. Pop-ups are also available if you wish to send them.The server sends messages through the messenger to a user. The user is able to reply to those messages.

- remote desktop management;

- productive system assets; ootment and low system resource consumption;

- Having an easy setup and operation of the app;

- Using the taskbar icon to request assistance; making it simple to complete; o avail assistance by simply clicking on the icon in the taskbar;

- High security, 128-encryption protocol using bit RC4; RC4.

- There is also a built-in file manager.

- In particular, the ability to communicate with the users;

- Using a remote clipboard to work at work);

- full screen mode;

- Multiple connections can be run simultaneously.

Every family can enjoy Remote Control Pro, no matter what their level of complexity is. Moreover, there is no need to switch between computers with newer software - older computers work great as well. You can start to use it as you see fit. This program is easily set up and works in its own environment. Allow the software a chance and see if it works.
For monitoring your computers and resolving issues fast, this program is beneficial. You can view a system that needs assistance, explore and develop solutions, thereby enhancing your working environment.
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