by Bart Blaze

Removes Visual Basic and Windows Script Host viruses from USB Drives, computers, or networks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bart Blaze

Release: Rem-VBSworm 8.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Rem-VBSworm for Windows was created by malware researcher and former employee at Panda Security Bart Blaze. It was not unusual for Blaze to discover a certain type of malware: However, it became more prevalent over time. As they hacked onto PCs using USB drives or downloaded from the internet, viruses made use of Microsoft's scripting language, VBScript, designed for Windows. To combat this, Blaze developed Rem-VBSworm for free, a tool that scans for, identifies and eliminates various well-known VBS infections.

You primarily use Panda USB Vaccine Utility for its Panda USB Vaccine Utility, which, once you've downloaded it, does function like an actual immune system on the drive itself: It maintains copies of viruses that are known, and crosses files between systems.Using the virus database you have access to the above method. By incorporating this tool into Blaze's program, it rapidly gained popularity in the realm of antivirus software.

also performs regular scans and cleaners on suspected viruses, as well as detects and repairs infection data on drives. The anti-Keeping the malware tool running is one's status alert by checking for virus activity and by checking Virus and Virusous Infection via VBScript or Windows Host Scripts such as Bladabindi, Excedow, Jenxcus.The software's features and progression have been updated, and he provided his own instructions for how to use it.

It has a small size and weight, and is free to use. In contrast, common antivirus software suites can be expensive, require subscriptions that must be paid every month, have clunky, outdated interfaces that cannot be used, or take up significant amounts of computing power.

Blaze's VBSworm is a small program created in batch process, which can work effectively to protect against worms at the drive location and to restore any unwanted registry edits that may have occurred during its processing. A feature of the piece of software that makes it unique is its simplified user interface, which consists of a few options for dealing with the virus, as well as a short tutorial for getting started.


  • Simple user interface
  • Developed by an industry-leading security professional
  • Effectively protects against many different kinds of malware (any that abuse Windows Script Host)
  • Can 'vaccinate' USB drives with a copy of known viruses
  • fixes any registry changes that were made by the virus
  • Entirely FREE to use
  • runs on nearly any version of Windows, from XP to Windows 10
  • Small file size of only 61 kilobytes.
  • A clean drive can be used in any circumstances.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10

You can check out Rem- to find out about malware on your device.VBSworm for Windows. It not only tracks the occurrence of VBS infections, but also extracts them and removes them so there is no health risk to computers. Excedow and Houdini are two infections it can identify, though other infections can also be detected. Moreover, the tool can protect your PC from autorun worms, as well.
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