by Nir Sofer

An utility that allows you to edit your system's registry

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nir Sofer

Release: RegScanner 2.31

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A computer expert will tell you that the search, editing, and locating of multiple Registry entries is a tedious process. The past was more like browsing through RegEdit, entering the search string, and watching results come in. It works at first, but the decision to evaluate registry keys is sluggish and requires moving on as soon as they appear. Registry searches require long hours of typing in the desired registry address.

However, That was all before RegScanner. RegScanner is a small portable utility that is designed to reduce the hassles from RegEdit alone. Though it can be found as a free Windows utility, it allows the management of registry groups simply and safely. It is free, but lets you have it automatically installed upon creation. Using reg Scanner, you can specify the base key value or values you would like, create a case sensitive search, and make modifications in the Registry based on your time zone. You can select all the information in a single pane, unlike with RegEdit, where it all has to be scrolled down. Instead, it only shows what is available in a given location and in a side by side breakdown.

If it is something you need to edit, move quickly on to RegEdit by pressing F8. 're not designed for editing; RegScanner is not aimed at editing; The only thing else you have to do is add RegEdit to this. In any case, you can merely double click on the selected registry item or export those registry values to an online database.ref file.

RegScanner does not require additional installation processes or DLL's, making it a simple, easy to use utility. Besides Windows 98 and Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are also supported. There is no need for anyone to assist you because the system does not ask for administrator privileges.

There is an easy registry scanner available called RegScanner which lets you find, edit, and browse registry values.

  • Displays entire search at once
  • Can find registries by data length, value type, and date modified
  • Can find a Unicode string located in a binary value
  • Allows case sensitive searches

While RegScanner is not for the beginner user and lacks a help manual, the usefulness to those with the skill level to require editing a registry makes this not a big deal. Overall, RegScanner is a lightweight system registry management utility designed to be quick and easy to use.

If I used Regscanner, my store's display displayed the product's details such that, after checking we realized the real value, highly recommended for small businesses.
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