SharpKeys logo
a tool for turning keys on a keybaord to make a certain key.
Wise Registry Cleaner logo
Make sure your PC runs at its top performance by cleaning its registry, repairing Windows errors, and performing regular maintenance.
Registry Workshop logo
This is an advanced registry editor that can be used by all.
Auslogics Registry Cleaner logo
A suite of tools which cleans, repairs and optimizes one's Windows registry for a smooth, stable operation.
RegCleaner logo
This program displays what data is in line with the Operating System's characteristics.
Registry Life logo
Registry sites allow users to add registry items to them.
RegSeeker logo
Ultimate Windows system toolbox.
EasyCleaner logo
Users of this program search through Windows' registry for entries whose presence isn't known.
Exeinfo PE logo
Examine .Analyse the exe files before viewing or editing their properties.
QuickPar logo
Using a Par2 file system, repair or reassign damaged applications.
LockHunter logo
In spite of the fact that Windows won't let you do so, you can delete files.
Unchecky logo
This prevents it from being installed unnecessarily.
MiniBin logo
Windows gives you a way to access your recycle bin from anywhere.
AusLogics Boostspeed logo
Fix errors for peak performance in your PC to optimize its performance.
Android Commander logo
With the Android Terminal, you can manage it from your PC.
Registry Recycler logo
You can use this free registry cleaner program to ensure your registry remains up to date.
FlexiHub logo
Connect directly to a USB device and manage it remotely.
dupeGuru logo
Your PC may contain duplicate files that need to be deleted.
Registry First Aid logo
The program combs orphaned files and folders for registry entries that should reflect orphaned files and folders and corrects those entries.
WinASO logo
Registry scans all Windows files and finds outdated or incorrect information, fixes them, and discards them.
PowerDesk logo
There are a lot of different features of this graphical file manager.
Password Resetter logo
Following these steps will allow you to regain your confidence by resetting your password.
Undelete 360 logo
Recover deleted documents for whatever reason is behind the deletion.
ProduKey logo
PC software that you are installing can be found in its CD Key or Product ID.
RT Seven Lite logo
Users of Windows 7 can customize or disable features with this utility.
Agent Ransack logo
Your computer or network drive may have a collection of files.
Lenovo Smart Assistant logo
Lenovo and Moto phones come with tools to update their functions.
Debloater logo
Android app blocker and app blocker - these are how to block and disable applications on your Android device.
Root Genius logo
Rooting an android phone or tablet with this tool is the easiest method available.
SRS One Click Root logo
A one-You can use an app that allows you to root your phone multiple times by just click the root tool.
SamFirm logo
To install the original firmware for your device, you will need to restart it.
MV RegClean logo
Windows registry cleaner that performs an intensive clean-up process.
PickMeApp logo
The transfer of all your programs and files from one computer to another is easily accomplished.
UltraSearch logo
Windows users can use this method to find files on their computers quickly.
PC Health Advisor logo
An all-in-Monitoring and optimizing the health of a computer with one program.
VbsEdit logo
is a program that makes it easy for you to write scripts that are perfect.
PC Accelerate logo
Speed up the development of your system, maximizing its potential and efficiency.
nCleaner logo
Make your computer system clean, check for junk, tweak settings, and manage programs.
Perfect Uninstaller logo
Your computer should be free of applications that are installed on it.
Rambox logo
The sort of applications through software.