by Associazione RealMeteo

Automated software that displays constantly refreshed satellite images of a selected location

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Associazione RealMeteo

Release: RealMeteo 6.1.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is possible for someone to use fresh updates or images in order to keep tabs on a given site. When creating a slide show themed around a popular tourist destination like a museum, for example, a marketing agent may wish to show images of the destination and a fake tour guide to encourage people to tour the area.A set of time-pressed weather forecasts will be shown on televisions at the museum or tourist center in real time. In the past, programming such as things would be challenging, but RealMeteo for Windows makes it easier than ever. The program enables users to display public spaces, commercial spaces, and tourist regions, all automatically pulling real-time information based on a configuration.You can use this page to highlight satellite images as well as data for use in your slideshow. As a result, users do not have to update their images or destinations themselves, because the system is designed to be a self-contained resource.We update as easily as possible and make it as intuitive and useful as possible.

In order to make forecasts as accurate as possible regarding weather, this program pulled location data thoroughly. There is no limit to which location users can type in. As the program's functions are faster, it is even more accurate with the user providing the exact geographic coordinates needed. This, not only increases the effectiveness of the program, but ensures that it will deliver the best possible accuracy to the user. Additional customization options can be accessed by users, for example, personal images can be added in addition to descriptions of location and slideshows can be personalized. It is also possible to watermark and store displays for later use, and to preserve their metadata if it would otherwise be necessary to recalibrate. This program will surely be useful to anyone who has an interest in the weather or geography in general and who can picture new ways in which this information could be used.


customize your slideshows with the real thingtime information of any given location with updated weather forecasts
  • Program is fully automated, and thus users only have to configure it the first time that they select a new location, the program even automatically restarts after system shutdown
  • An excellent tool for monitoring updated statuses of public community places, commercial spaces, and tourist centers in particular including hotels, museums, and convention centers
  • Ability to include up to 10 personal images in the automated slideshow to give it a more personalized feeling for using this program as marketing material or in a presentation
  • Users can save as many slideshow presentations of different locations as they want so that they do not have to reconfigure the program every time they want to swap quickly.
  • There are numerous customization options for this program and even real-time data querying can be done. The program can be run without installing - or even uninstalled and reinstalled.Updated weather forecasts of the minute.

From Windows XP onward, all versions of the software are supported.

Visit the RealMeteo web site if you are looking for an app that lets you photograph your location in real time. With this program, you will be able to monitor the weather. As a user, you have the option to upload all the available information to a photo slideshow, which you can then download.
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