Real Temp


Run your computer as efficiently as possible in order to keep it running at top performance.

Operating system: Windows


Release: Real Temp 3.70

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Real Temp software provides a huge support system for you to maintain the health of the most important thing in your professional and personal life, your computer. This study reveals all sorts of details about the factors associated with running at a specific temperature, which gives you a comprehensive understanding for maintaining your ideal level of fitness regardless of what comes into play. It provides screenshots so that you can learn more about it, and also a comprehensive and well-defined settings menu so that you can really tweak your system to its fullest potential and ensure your daily life runs smoothly.


  • operates on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 systems that are running Intel Core processors.
  • Initiates a process by which you can customize the temperature on each core of your CPU so that your core temperature changes depending on what you'd like to do.
  • Keeps track and logs the temperature for your viewing and anayltical pleasure so you know what your system is doing even when you arne't keeping an eye on it all the time.
  • Gives you the option of enacting an alarm and shutdown prompt in case things get too out of hand in order to prevent damage and save data for the long term.

Ultimately, this is a very crucial tool for having as part of your computer's maintenance kit. People should utilize what is available in the present situation to prevent computer crashes, which is not an option here. When you have a stressful environment, you can appreciate how easily and quickly the software is installed, maintained, and understood. This is a great support system that has seen significant upgrades and has been reviewed for a long time. The reliability of this product can ensure any claim the product makes can be fulfilled. Despite what you might believe, you won't have any trouble using it.

Ensures your computer does not crash or slow down by maintaining its core temperature.
Luke Johnson
The bootcamp I use for running my Macbook Pro 15" runs the I9 chipset. When considering Apple computers, I am concerned that Apple performed a bad job of thermal cooling when it came to operating them. Keeping track of my laptop's and CPU's usage with Real Temp software gives me a better sense of when and how much to allocate based on both tasks as well as what metrics and logs are required to facilitate reporting and tracking.
Riley Dorris
Maintains CPU temperatures conveniently with this easy-to-use app. Using it with just about any PC (new or old) is possible. An icon for viewing the CPU's temperature readings, as well as the various sensors inside, is displayed in Real Temp's main interface. The "Settings" section of the app opens up a wide variety of options so users can adjust the app's readings and work mode.
By making real room in the rack, real temperature will control the heat to heat single quad and dual processors. The overheating can cause a computer to stop working properly or perform at just the best level while some instances it simply can't work anymore, this is why it is very important to perform certain kinds of repairs and maintenance, like this one.
It seems a very effective product at the time of manufacture due to the fact that a large percentage of computers and laptops heat up, in which case the program slows down. Additionally, its features make it seem reliable. As of today, it is available on most major computer cores in the market and it is described as a good choice, given its low heat and ease of installation.Further, the software detects a tendency of a rise or a drop in the ideal temperature for that of good cooling conditions in the course of a long working hour.There are several factors that make it notable, such as its time saving ability, accuracy and repeatable nature.The most technical aspect I enjoyed about the software was a capability to switch off or turn it off after an alarm sounds.The program is also user friendly, so there are no modifications necessary.This product has a reasonable degree of reliability, which can be found among everyday men.
my CPU's temperature while on vacation using this handy and lightweight program. My original concern was to determine how to prevent overheating since I built my own computer, but my experience indicates that I've found the solution in this piece of software.
If you want to run your CPU at maximum settings, a thermal switch is the best thing you can get for your money. The best way to ensure the success of your performance is to ensure you do not lose energy from overheating. There is no downtime or maintenance, and prices are competitive.
As it stands today, Real Temp is a invaluable tool for monitoring Intel's CPU in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. In most instances, I have avoided expensive repairs using this tool, or found small issues when I'd be unable to afford them otherwise. With this handy tool, you can read how well your computer's sensors and health are, as well as what measures are installed on the CPU.
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